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About: Kelsey

Occupation: Celebrity Chef

Age: 21 and ready for fun…just kidding I’m 23!

Hometown: California Girl

What’s on your workout mix?
Lady Gaga
50 Cent
and I always throw in an oldie like The Supremes.

What food can you just not live without? And what do you do to compensate when you overindulge on it? When I’m eating Japanese food, I can’t live without sushi. When I’m eating Italian, I can’t live without caprese. When I’m eating Mexican food, I can’t live without fajitas. The point is that I live to eat. I don’t eat to live. But, when I overindulge, I make smart choices to compensate. After overindulging on my favorite treat, my next meal will be low-cal, high in lean protein and I focus on drinking only water. Missing dessert on these days is tough, but when my hips remind me about the fajita feast I had earlier its easier to cope.

What’s your eating style? I love a balanced meal. I try to include veggies whenever possible. I treat my meal like a box of chocolate (which I really wish was my meal), saving my favorite bites (dark chocolate covered coconut) for last.

What’s the craziest diet you've ever tried? The smoothie diet, or a liquid cleanse. It was refreshing and boosted my energy the first day, but after that I started to hallucinate. It’s crazy how much your remote can look like a snickers bar.

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