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An Easy Guide to Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

December 1st, 2011 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, SENSA for Men 1 Comment »

Thanksgiving may be over, but you’re not in the clear yet…it’s still Holiday Season.

The treats are still rolling in for many of us, and it seems we can’t escape them – even at work. There’s always someone in the office who likes to bake and vendors love to send those giant high-calorie gift baskets to the break room, which is great…but the calories add up fast (and so does the guilt that comes with overindulging).

If losing weight during the holidays seems too daunting, try focusing on not gaining weight. This in itself is a challenge when you’re greeted with a new batch of Christmas cookies/donuts/candy every week.

So how can you maintain your weight during the holidays without driving yourself crazy? Here are my personal tips for avoiding holiday calories at the office:

Break off a bite – It satisfies your craving without the guilt.

So you walk in the break room and find a plate of brownies on the table. You probably curse whoever brought them, because now you’re faced with a dilemma: You can eat one and feel like a diet failure…or you can avoid them altogether and feel deprived.

If you’re like me, you have this “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to losing weight; you go from one extreme to the other and burn yourself out.

Find a happy medium – cut off a bite, sprinkle SENSA on it and enjoy the brownie! Doing this will alleviate your craving and chances are you won’t even want more.

No one “deserves” a cookie!

“I’ll grab a cookie after I eat my Lean Cuisine,” you say. “I deserve it.”

This sense of entitlement and the act of rewarding yourself with food is a terrible way to go about maintaining your weight – because you’ll probably gain weight!

By thinking you deserve a cookie; you’ll eat more than you should. Wait 20 minutes after lunch (that’s how long it takes for your brain to receive the “full” signal) and see if you still want a cookie. If you do, break off a bite and avoid the fat calories you would have consumed had you eaten the whole thing!

Keep fresh fruit on hand.

It’s amazing how our tastes change as we grow older. For example, I used to HATE tomatoes. Now I want them on everything, or I’ll just eat them plain!

It wasn’t up until a couple of years ago that I noticed eating fresh fruit satisfy my sweet tooth – and apparently I’m not alone. Fruit has natural sugar so it makes for a healthy dessert; plus they’re loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that can help enhance your metabolism.

Sweets, on the other hand, have ADDED sugar, which is where all the empty calories come from. Most store-bought snacks and desserts are processed and packed with added sugar – in other words, they have no nutritional value.

Keep fresh fruit on hand at your desk and I guarantee your craving for candies and sweets will subside.

If you crave something crunchy…replace chips with carrot sticks or nuts.

That’s all I have for now, folks! As always, sprinkle your SENSA to keep your appetite in check, and most importantly…don’t be afraid of food this holiday season!
*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise.

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Michael’s Story Pt. 2

February 22nd, 2011 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, SENSA for Men, Success Stories 1 Comment »

If you didn’t get a chance to read the first part of my blog, check it out…http://blog.trysensa.com/index.php/sensaformen3/ In it I describe how my struggle started and how it affect so may areas of my life!

In my desperation to get this weight off, I joined a popular weight loss program which made me attend weekly meetings, bought a food scale, and measuring cups and went grocery shopping for food I hated eating.  How am I going to survive???  Weigh in days came weekly.   If there was a loss, it was announced.   If you gained two consecutive weeks, that too was announced.   How embarrassing.  When I lost the weight, I would stop on the way home and celebrate with some REAL food like pizza and burgers.  I managed to get away with the cheats, although I don’t know how. I lost the weight, got to my goal and to celebrate I threw the diet out the window and began to eat like I used to…donuts, cake, pie….you all know theroutine.   Shockingly, the weight came back, and brought some friends with it.  Then the program came out with a new diet where there was some starch…thank goodness, and dark meat chicken not longer counted as beef, fat was back in…an entire tablespoon for an entire day!  If it was diet, then 2 tablespoons. Whoopee!!! Again the weight came off, again it went back on.

I finally realized this program was definitely not the answer to my weight problem.  The years came and so did more weight. I had a staple placed in my ear to “give that full feeling all the time…guaranteed you won’t eat.”  Well, I ate, so that didn’t work.  I tried the Pineapple diet, then there was Scarsdale Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet,  and Susan Powter with “Fat makes you Fat”, so I became vegetarian for about a minute.  Atkins, Zone, Prescription pills, over the counter pills, the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, Slim fast,  Suzanne Somers…I tried them all.  I would lose, then gain back plus more. I gave up and decided I was destined to be fat.  I watched the commercials for the prepackaged diet meals and they reminded me of cardboard.  I don’t want cardboard, I want FOOD!  My middle age spread was spreading into old age.     I was the heaviest I had ever been my entire life.

One night as I watched infomercials and Shop NBC, I saw SENSA®.   Surely this would not work either.  It was too simple.  What idiot would ever fall for such an idea?  Smell and taste. It was smell and taste that got me into this mess.  Month after Month, I watched Shop NBC, heard the call in testimonials.  Was it possible this stuff actually worked? After three months of watching the infomercials and Shop NBC, I finally got up the courage to try just one month and placed my order.  When it finally arrived, I ripped open the box and played the intro DVD.   Then, I got the tape measure and measured my waist…must be broken, after all I couldn’t possibly be that big.   But I was.

Okay.  Here goes nothing…Sprinkle. Eat. Lose. Surely this is a joke.  Day after day, meal after meal, snack after snack I sprinkled, and gradually I began to notice I was eating less.  Cravings subsided. I no longer wanted snacks; I no longer wanted ice cream.  What is going on?  Had I really found something that would work?  But it’s too easy, isn’t it?  Six months and 58 lbs and 12 inches later, I’m here to tell you SENSA® works!  It works! It works!  I remember going to my physician that I had not seen since I weighed in at that enormous weight.   He read my chart and saw my current weight. He closed the chart, shook his head and said, “This can’t be right!”  I snapped, “Oh yes it is and don’t take it away from me.”

My visit with the physician was spent telling him about SENSA®.  The office staff wanted to know if it works. I proudly displayed my new shape and said, “You tell me  My weight has STAYED OFF!!!!   I am a proud user of SENSA® and will be using it the rest of my life.  I never missed sprinkling anything I ate!  Finally, I found something that let’s me eat normal food, enjoy my life, and still lose weight.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.  Try and see for yourself!

I finally have my life back!

Michael Crigger

Michael lost 58 lbs. in 7 months.  Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise.  Weight lost with SENSA®. Compensated for excellent results.

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SENSA for Men-Michael’s Story

February 1st, 2011 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, SENSA for Men 8 Comments »

Hi fellow SENSA users,

My name is Michael and I’ve lost 58 lbs with SENSA in 6 months!  I wanted to share my story because I know a lot of you can relate to my struggle to lose weight and keep it off.  SENSA was the ONLY thing that’s worked for me, and I know it can work for you.  Here’s my story….

I was about 10 years old before I knew I was “fat”…it  was the first time kids in school told me.   Before that, my doctors told me that I was just “young”, it was baby fat, and as I hit the teen years, I would slim down and look more like my brother as far as my weight.  My brother to this day wears the same size pants he always wore for as long as I can remember.   He has a 28 in waist, and eats three times more than I do, and he drinks beer as if it was going out of style.   He thinks he is “skinny” and actually tries  to put on weight, when I’ve always tried to get rid of it.

My parents were “corn-fed” farm folk, which meant 3 large meals a day, starting with a large breakfast of sausage, eggs, cornbread and milk gravy.  Then onto lunch, which was always meat and potatoes with plenty of bread, biscuits or corn bread.  And last but not least, dinner, which pretty much mimicked lunch but larger and with more meat, and with the meat, there was always gravy.  And let’s not forget the snacks, which I always managed to be first in line for.   Since everyone ate just like I did, it never dawned on me that I was getting fat.   I always pictured myself looking like my skinny brother.  Until, the day came when the cruel kids made fun of me, calling me all the names, followed by humiliating trips to the chubby boys department for clothes.  Of course, there was always an identifying mark on the clothes so everyone knew for sure, they were chubby and I was “fat”.  Dating never came about for me in my teen years.   What girl would want a guy looking like me? And as the years wore on, I gained more and more weight and became bigger and bigger.  Then in college, I met the girl who looked beyond my chubby exterior and accepted my proposal to spend her life with me.

Determined to lose weight for my wedding, I went to the doctor,who prescribed me pills and put me on a diet.  I took the pills, then proceed  to lay in bed all night and starring at the ceiling, since I could not sleep!   Despite the sleepless nights, the weight came off.  So after the wedding, I stopped taking the pills, and the weight came back on and brought some friends along.   Honestly though, at that point I didn’t care. I was married and no longer needed to “look good” for anyone, not even me.   I ate, and ate, and ate.  Even though the doctors told me my life was at risk with being so heavy, I still continued to eat and gain, thinking, tomorrow I would start or maybe the day after tomorrow, or maybe next week….

The point came when I knew I HAD to do something.   I said to myself, “okay, tomorrow I’m going to a weight loss meeting, so today, I’m going to eat and eat and eat.  After all, I can’t have any of this beginning tomorrow. I’d better get eat it while I can.”   We’ve all been there…that last cookie, piece of cake, ice cream, pie, stuffing, potato chips, etc.   Who do you know that binged on spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, or green beans?  Talk about embarrassment!  Getting on that scale weekly and having my weight announced was beyond embarrassing.  Add the restrictive diet, and feeling of deprivation and it was a recipe for disaster.  I was beginning to wonder if losing weight was a hopeless battle, until I found SENSA!  Now, for the first time, I have control over my appetite and don’t ever have to deprive myself.  I’m down 58 lbs since I started sprinkling, but not before trying/failing more diets…

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Michael’s amazing transformation!


*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Weight lost with SENSA®. Compensated for excellent results.

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SENSA for Men-Lose Weight for Good in 2011…Part 1

January 6th, 2011 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, SENSA for Men 4 Comments »

Before SENSA

Hi guys!  I am a typical guy in my late 30s who has struggled with being overweight for several years.  Like many guys I remained active during my early twenties, but fell into that routine of working all day, skipping meals and hitting up the vending machine to tide me over until I go home, only to overeat at dinner, then sit the night away on the couch watching my favorite shows while noshing on snacks and desserts.

The truth is I love food.  I have always been one to try just about anything.  Some foods I enjoyed so much that I would always order or prepare the largest portion that I could fit on the plate, and if at home, go back for seconds and even thirds.  As my life evolved, I moved from a physically demanding job to desk job.  The desk job also meant that I was hitting all of the regular chain restaurants at lunch time 5 – 6 days a week.  The combination of overeating and lack of physical activity really took its toll and one day I realized that my weight had gotten out of control.  Over the last 3 years I have made several attempts to bring my weight (and size) back down to reasonable levels by adding small exercise routines either at a local gym or around the house.  The problem with trying to control my weight using only this method was that I was so heavy that I struggled to maintain a regular routine and ultimately would lose interest and/or motivation to continue.  The exercise was very hard to push through because I was so out of shape.  I started, stopped, and started again many times over 3 years but never actually achieved anything….just wasted a lot of time and money.  I looked in the mirror one day and realized I had to gain back control….but how?  I live in the south and I am known in many circles as a master of the BBQ.  Parties at my house often include large amounts of baby back ribs, Boston butts, and beef briskets.  I have always enjoyed preparing these foods, and even though I wanted to lose weight, I didn’t want to give up the pleasure I have from enjoying great meats from the grill.  I am sure most guys reading this feel pretty much the same way about their favorite foods.  Well, early in 2010 I found the tool that would help me lose weight while still enjoying the foods I love.  That tool is called SENSA®.

Now lets’ get to the good stuff:  Just like many people when January came around in 2010 I decided this was the year that I would change my life, my health, and my appearance.  I once again tried to start an exercise routine and even got an elliptical machine for in home use.  The machine sat mostly idle through January, but at the end of the month I began hearing ads for SENSA.  The ads said that I could continue to eat what I normally did and would still be able to lose weight.  The concept seemed to me to be just like everything else I had seen marketed, too good to be true.  However, for some reason I was more intrigued by SENSA than the many others I had considered; most of which had turned me off by the cost and “no end in sight” format.  By no end in sight I mean that SENSA is marketed as a 6 month program and all the rest I found just said use the product for weight loss and to keep the weight off.   I also felt like the cost of SENSA was more reasonable than the other systems out there.  With all of that in mind I placed an order to give it a try.

SENSA works with your senses to help you to fill up with less food.  If you normally eat a cheese steak sandwich and fries for lunch, then in theory SENSA would help you to only eat half of the sandwich and half of the fries and still feel just as full as if you had consumed the whole meal.  I approached my use of SENSA with that concept always fresh in my mind and

After SENSA…58 pounds later

focused on letting the product work to do what it claimed.  SENSA didn’t work for me immediately.  It took several weeks for me to actually eat less at each meal, but sticking with it beyond 30 days in very important.  The appetite control started mostly with just not going back for seconds at dinner, and as I moved through month two, I noticed that I wasn’t finishing my lunch. SENSA taught me appetite control without me having to deprive myself of the foods I love or count calories…I was impressed!

I did make some other smart choices in addition to SENSA since I was really committed to succeeding in losing weight this time.  I began ordering deli sandwiches instead of burgers and baked chips instead of fries.  These were not major changes and definitely were not going to make me lose weight on their own, but with incorporating SENSA with my new meal plan I was attacking my goal from multiple directions.  I would also opt for a grilled chicken salad instead of a sandwich or a fish entrée instead of steak for dinner.  The main point is that I sat down to eat with it in my mind that I would be full before my plate was clean.  Sometimes I would stop eating half way through my meal even if I wasn’t full, and purposefully give SENSA time to work.  Like any weight loss plan, it will be most effective if you are totally committed and optimistic that it WILL work for you.

I’ve lost 58 pounds with SENSA in 6 months!  It’s been an amazing journey and I’ve watched my life transform and change along with my body.  You can do the same…..

Stay tuned for the second part of Tim’s blog coming soon!

*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Weight lost with SENSA®. Incorporated exercise. Compensated for excellent results.

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