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Fefe lost 70 lbs. in 11 months!†

June 30th, 2013 Weight Loss News Posted in Success Stories Comments Off

Blog_Testi-Fefe_LG_123013_v7bI’ve always been thin and ate healthy. But when I was pregnant with my second child, I ate whatever I wanted and reached 220 pounds.

I thought it would be easy to lose weight once I gave birth, but it was hard with two kids. My husband had to go to Brazil for work, so I had no time for myself.

How I Began My Weight-Loss Journey

I came across Sensa on the Internet. It sounded too good to be true, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. It didn’t work at first because I had no discipline. I was about to give up when I met Coach Miriam on Facebook.

She explained to me that Sensa is a tool to help you lose weight, and gave me a few tips. I followed her advice and lost 5 pounds that first week. I lost weight every week after that. It was unbelievable.

A New Me!

Now, for the first time in 3 years, I am a size 6/7 instead of a large. I’ve always loved shopping, but I love it even more because every thing fits so well. See for yourself, click here to try SENSA FREE* for 30 days!

I saw my husband again in December, and he was so proud of me. He said I looked like Barbie!  Best of all, I feel healthy. My energy has increased, so I play more with my baby. And I’m running again; my goal is to complete a marathon. I feel like a completely new person.  – Fefe M.

Interested in Learning More?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already lost weight with SENSA because it’s convenient and there’s no pills, no drugs and no stimulants.  The best part about SENSA is that it’s so easy to use.   Now, you can TRY SENSA FREE* for 30 days backed by a satisfaction guarantee!

Click Here to Try Sensa

SENSA® advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control.  *30 day free trial period with satisfaction guarantee. Shipping and handling fees apply.  †Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise.  Weight lost with SENSA®. Incorporated sensible diet. Compensated for excellent results.
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Kelly-Lynn’s SENSAtional Weight Loss

February 28th, 2013 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, Success Stories No Comments »

Before SensaLike most everyone I started my SENSA journey as a skeptic. I was probably the most skeptical of all who have ever tried this product. You see, I was a self-proclaimed “professional” dieter. Any diet plan, product or fad that was out there I had tried it. High carb, low carb, low fat, food restrictive, medically supervised diets, diet pills…both prescription and over the counter…just to name a few. I could tell you the fat, carb and calorie content of most any food just as easily as I could tell you my name.
You would think one with all that information would not have a problem losing weight, huh? You are right. I didn’t always have trouble losing. My problem was maintaining that loss. So what was I doing wrong? I didn’t learn the answer to this question until I found SENSA. It was simple. SENSA allowed me to eat some of the foods I enjoyed. On food restrictive diets the foods I was deprived of became the foods I craved many times to the point of obsession. No one enjoys being told they can’t have something they enjoy. This only made me want them more. While using SENSA if I craved a particular food surprisingly I could have it. What kind of diet is that? I discovered what I had been looking for all along. SENSA was not a diet! It was an opportunity for a much welcomed and needed lifestyle change. What I quickly discovered, while sprinkling SENSA consistently on all my food, my appetite was steadily diminishing while my cravings for sweet and salty snacks had disappeared. With these cravings gone and my food portions shrinking I found myself shrinking too.

As I mentioned earlier my skepticism when beginning SENSA had me with little to no expectation of losing weight. I started SENSA at 149 pounds with a half-hearted goal of just maybe losing 14 pounds. All my adult life my weight had fluctuated between 135 and 150. So, my thoughts were if it worked and I lost the 14 pounds I would once again be happy at 135 pounds. If it didn’t work I wouldn’t be too disappointed. Hard to be disappointed with such low expectations anyway, huh? Well….with SENSA I lost those 14 pounds in just over two months! Additionally, I was feeling better and my energy level was through the roof. Needless to say this got my attention. I thought if I can do this without dieting what would my results be if I started eating healthier and began setting mini goals for myself? The eating healthier part was easy because once my cravings for sweets and salty snacks diminished, I was already replacing those foods with healthier alternatives and was satisfied with smaller portions. This is when I realized that SENSA was not only helping me lose weight but teaching me how to eat and live a sustainable lifestyle along the way. This was a lesson I never learned during all my years of “professional” dieting. With this knowledge I was no longer a skeptic. SENSA had my full attention. I began setting mini goals, adding even more healthy foods to my diet, drinking water…. and lots of it! I have always been fairly active so I didn’t change my exercise routine. My mini goals were five pounds at a time. Each five pounds became a celebration. Not with food but with a new smaller sized piece of clothing added to my wardrobe! My big goal was to lose 30 pounds by December 25. That would be exactly six months from when I began my SENSA journey. Thirty pounds would put me at 119 pounds, my lowest ever adult weight. What an awesome Christmas present that would be! Happily on Christmas day I had reached that goal. Not only had I now lost 30 ugly pounds, I had lost weight during summer vacations, birthday parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas while, with the help of SENSA, still enjoying My New SENSA Body!yummy foods with my friends and family.

After Christmas come New Year resolutions. Everyone makes them and they are usually to lose weight. So, I made one…..yes, and it was to lose weight. My resolution was to reach the weight that had been on my driver’s license since I was sixteen years old. I was only four pounds away. I had never made a New Year’s resolution to lose only a few pounds. What I thought would be the final goal of my SENSA weight loss journey was gone by Valentine’s Day. At age 52 I found myself looking down at the bath scale and seeing the weight I gave the DMV when I got my first driver’s license at 16 years old…I weighed 115’s!!! In seven months, while consistently using SENSA, making healthy food and lifestyle choices, I had lost 34’#’s, I was down from 149 to 115, size 12 to size 4. I had not only reached but exceeded what had previously been unobtainable with previous attempts at weight loss. Now I had to make a decision. Would I maintain my new weight with the healthy lifestyle SENSA had taught me on this journey? Or would I continue using SENSA? I chose both! To my surprise over the next few months I even lost an additional 10 pounds bringing my final weight loss to an unbelievable 44 lbs., weight of 105 and dress size to 0/2!!! Looking back do I have any regrets? Yes. I wish I had pushed my skepticism aside and tried SENSA sooner. So, does SENSA work? I would definitely say YES! I am now living life to its fullest. I retired my former career as a “professional dieter.” My focus is no longer on my weight, dress size or what I eat. I continue to enjoy the food I love and live my healthier, happier SENSA lifestyle.

*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Weight lost with SENSA®, continuing with SENSA® Advanced. Compensated for excellent results.


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Celebrating my SENSAversary-Gaylene’s Story Pt.2

December 6th, 2012 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, Success Stories 2 Comments »

If you didn’t catch Part 1 of my story, please click here to read how I’ve lost over 50 pounds with SENSA and went from a size 22 to a size 8*! Here’s part 2…

Hey All!  I’m back to tell the rest of my SENSAtional story!

Remember my start date of 11/12/11?  That was almost two weeks before Thanksgiving and the kick-off of the holiday season and baking.  You know what that means, right?  FOOD!  Lots and lots of FOOD!  At first when I began SENSA, I was what you would call a “closet” sprinkler… didn’t want anyone to know I was on a weight loss program just in case I and/or it failed.  But to my surprise, I began losing weight the first week and continued week after week.  Yes, remember all of that FOOD I mentioned, it was all still there, but I had SENSA, my “will powder” in a box at my side.  So I was able to have that Thanksgiving dinner with all of the fixings, just less, much less.  I even had pumpkin pie!  When the weight began to melt away, I came out of the closet, sort of speak and let everyone know what I was doing.  5 lbs, then 10 lbs, then 15 lbs and in March 2012 I hit 20 lbs!  I was now at a cross roads with myself.  Should I or shouldn’t I begin an exercise program?  With SENSA exercise was not needed to lose weight…remember? That’s one of the things that got my attention.  Well, my schedule didn’t really allow exercise with my busy life.  But again, I knew including exercise in my weight loss journey could only benefit me.  So, I went to my local gym, the one my daughters used before they went off to college, the gym that all of my “fit” friends went to, the gym where you should already be thin before you walk-in.  Yes, these were all of the things that were trying to keep me from checking the gym out, but I found that inner-strength and walked-in and asked to speak with a sales consultant to purchase a membership.  Yes, I just joined a gym; the membership card has my name on it, not my daughter’s name. This was another HUGE step for me.

Now what do I do?  Well, gym clothes were first on my list!  I at least need to “look” like maybe, just maybe I could belong to a gym.  So, a shopping I went.  Now that I’m decked out in my new gym clothes, when is a good time to go?  Back to finding time to work out…I am a night owl, so I thought evenings would be best to work out, but I had meetings with my volunteer and church activities, so it was hit or miss the first two weeks on landing on a time.  Okay, so, I really wanted to make this work, so I decided I needed to put my “big girl pants” on and come in at 7 am for my personal training sessions.  UGH!  I am so NOT a morning gal!  Well, I never in a million years would think I would be “one of those people” that have a Personal Trainer, but for me, it works.  To know that someone is waiting for me 3x a week at 7 am pulls my sorry butt out of bed.  She never has the same work out for me, so all parts of my body are given a chance to hurt. LOL!

After my 30 minutes, I do some cardio; I run 1.2 miles on my fairly new friend the Elyptical.  Since my time in the morning is limited, I can’t increase that, but I do increase my levels.  Started at level 1 and I am now at level 9.  You are probably thinking “over achiever”, but I am so not!  I hadn’t exercised on any regular basis for 20 years!  This was something I knew I needed to do to be a healthier me. You know, at 51, gravity is so not your friend and everything internally has to work that much harder…going back to my feet, ankles and breathing issues I “used” to have. These issues have all disappeared since I have dropped 52 lbs thus far!  Yes, that’s right, 52 lbs and still counting.  I never thought in my lifetime skinny and Gaylene would be used in the same sentence, and now they are.  I have dropped 7 sizes.  I started at a size 22 and I am now sporting 8.  I went from a 2X T-Shirt to a Medium.  Gone is the 1x Women’s blouse, it’s a Medium now baby!  Oh, let’s talk about jewelry, yes that’s right jewelry…down 2 ring sizes and I had to have an inch taken off of one of my necklaces.  Who would have thought?  All clothing that is too large (even by one size), is donated immediately and of course, replaced with the new size that I currently wear. That’s part of my incentive is wearing the smaller clothes that fit. Yep, kinda of expensive, but I’m so worth it.  Didn’t think so before, but now, there is no stopping me!  Oh, I forgot to mention, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment on the new me.  Those that haven’t seen me in quite some time, don’t even recognize me.  That goes for my own mother!  When we are out shopping, she is looking for the larger Gaylene, not the petite Gaylene.  Yes, now I can say petite and Gaylene in the same sentence.

Not a day goes by, that I am not sharing my SENSA story.  Family, friends and even strangers are stunned when I show them my before and after pic.  A benefit I didn’t even expect from this journey is inspiring so many people.  Most start SENSA, some do something else, but I have inspired them to make changes to their current lifestyle.  Who would have thought being sick in bed would have got me to this…my happy place!  I’m not done losing; I want to be a size 6, whatever that weight ends up to be…thinking another 20 lbs.  Which will bring me to another goal most of us secretly have…being our actual Driver’s License weight!  LOL!

Let me leave you with this…to be successful at anything, you can’t just dip your toes in the water, you need to dive in and be committed on whatever you do!  SENSA was the catalyst to my lifestyle change; it was ME that made it happen!  Good luck to all you who dare to make the changes you’ve been dreaming of for so long!

Happy Holidays!


*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Weight lost with SENSA®, continuing with SENSA® Advanced. Incorporated exercise and sensible diet. Compensated for excellent results.

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Celebrating my SENSAversary-Gaylene’s Story Pt.1

November 20th, 2012 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, Success Stories 5 Comments »


While I was in bed…

Ha!  I got your attention didn’t I?!  So now that I have your attention, I would like to invite you to hear my story which I hope will inspire you to make the leap and try SENSA! It was last November, 2011 and I had a terrible cold.  I say terrible because I was in bed…usually nothing can knock me down, but this cold did.  I couldn’t sleep, so I turned on the TV.  Now I’m not a channel surfer, so I go to my favorite channel, thinking I can find a movie to watch that required very little thinking.  However, to my surprise, an infomercial was on for a weight loss product called SENSA that I had never heard of before. I have always struggled with my weight yo-yo dieting with Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, Weight Watchers, cabbage soup diet, etc., but after I had my second beautiful daughter 19+ years ago, I pretty much retreated and “accepted” that I was going to be large for the rest of my life.  So what is large you ask?  How about 5’ and 208 lbs.?  Yes, that’s right…I was obese!  “Obese”, is a word that I never used in the same sentence that included “me” in it.  A matter of fact, this is the first time I have associated that word with me publicly and personally. This is a BIG step for me, acknowledging I “was” obese. There I said it!  Moving on…in August 2011, I turned 50 years old and my mother-in-law wrote a simple note saying this year is about “you”. That comment stayed with me.

With that said, let’s get back to the SENSA infomercial that drew me in.  So I watched it for a few minutes thinking maybe, just maybe I’ll try this SENSA program.  Sounds way too good to be true and then I heard my name on TV, Gaylene! Yes, that’s right; there is another Gaylene out there who was telling her story. Say whatever you want, but I knew this was the SIGN I needed to see. “Okay, God, I hear you loud and clear! I’m listening, no more excuses”.  My original reason I told myself it was time to lose the weight was for my eldest daughter’s wedding in September 2012. However, over the past three years, I had some health issues sneak up on me. Nothing really major…, painful in-steps, (feet) after standing or walking for a few hours, swollen ankles, shortness of breath with any slight exertion and the heat really was not my friend. Oh, my, I say these are not major, but when I just listed them, these were all signs that I needed to do something.  So do something I did!  I ordered the 6 month program that day.  I wanted to watch the DVD, read the brochure and bough a scale.  Let’s talk about that scale purchase…never owned one before; never wanted one.  But I was in it deep already with a 6 month supply of SENSA, so a scale I bought.  Let’s go back to the brochure piece…if I was having any doubts about my purchase, there was the other Gaylene’s photo and testimonial in the brochure to sweep those doubts away.

So it’s now Saturday, November 12,2011 and I began the “shake, shake” thing.  I started with two pieces of toast with peanut butter and jelly. And to my surprise, I could only eat 1 ½ pieces of my toast!  So the next day, I only prepared 1 piece of toast with the PB & J on it and it was perfect.  Now that wasn’t my usual breakfast.  Five days a week, I usually had my favorite Grandé Iced Tuxedo without whip (didn’t want those extra calories – LOL) and then I would go across the street and get my plain cake donut.  And because I was such a great customer at the donut shop, they would throw in two free donut holes.  Yep, my drink, my donut and the two donut holes were my breakfast 5x a week.  Oh, and for lunch, I used to eat 1/3 box of Cheez-its.  The great news I love sharing is I haven’t had a donut in a year and I haven’t had my favorite iced tuxedo Grandé nor Tall for about 9 months.  And even when I had one after I started SENSA, I would say I’ve only had about 6 total in the last year; much better than 5x a week!  SENSA literally curbed my sweet & salty cravings so it was SO easy to switch to oatmeal in the morning.  I never ate oatmeal until I started SENSA, but now I have it 5x or more a week.  This is because by using SENSA, my “bad” cravings have gone away and replaced by wanting better food.  And if you are wondering about the Cheez-its that used to be a “staple” in our house…haven’t had one in about 8 months and even when I did after I started SENSA it was only 6-8 crackers…not a 1/3 of a box.  Are you wondering about what I do for dinner?  Well, because I work full-time, volunteer for the American Cancer Society in many facets and I’m on our church’s leadership team, I don’t have time to cook, so I eat out 95% of the time.  When I say 95% of the time, there is absolutely no embellishment with that percentage…it’s true!  Ask my family!  But let me be clear about something, when I “do” cook, you won’t be disappointed.  Again, with SENSA, it helps me with portion control and making better food choices.  I take leftovers home often and have them for lunch the next day; I never did that before because I cleaned my plate.  What do I have when I go out?  Friday nights it is always Chinese Food, during the week, Mongolian BBQ, Japanese, Chevy’s, Applebees, Dos Quotes, Spaghetti Factory, etc.  However, my food choice selections are much better.  My guilty pleasure is a child size frozen yogurt as a treat or a few bites of a scrumptious dessert.  I would be remiss if I didn’t say that we all should drink 60+ oz of water a day no matter if you are on a weight loss program or not.  This just helps breakdown the fat and literally “flush” it away. This was a hard one for me, but now that I make water a priority, my body now craves it!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my story!  Here’s an excerpt:  off of the holiday season and baking.  You know what that means, right?  FOOD!  Lots and lots of FOOD!  At first when I began SENSA, I was what you would call a “closet” sprinkler…didn’t want anyone to know I was on a weight loss program just in case I and/or it failed.

Don’t forget to shake your SENSA!


*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Weight lost with SENSA®, continuing with SENSA® Advanced. Incorporated exercise and sensible diet. Compensated for excellent results.

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SENSA is Isabella’s Dream Come True!

September 20th, 2012 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, Success Stories 1 Comment »

Hey Everyone!

The beginning of my story actually starts over two years ago.  I injured myself while exercising and I had to have major hip surgery. Months after my surgery, I had some serious complications and my mobility became extremely limited. I was not able to do regular exercise and even needed a walker to get around daily.  Because I was so restricted, I gained over 40lbs.  I was 5’4”, 180lbs and wearing a size 16.  Because of my physical limitations, I was feeling pretty helpless about losing weight. Then I found SENSA and my life dramatically changed.

I had tried various weight loss products in the past, but SENSA sounded different, like a ‘new concept. I was very excited about it working for me, like it had for the many women and men I’d seen in the infomercial.  SENSA didn’t require exercise, which for me, was essential, given my limitations.  Plus, it sounded really easy…I could just sprinkle it on my food and lose weight?  I knew I could do that!  I also loved that I could continue to eat some of the food I love.  I don’t like to be restricted or deprived of the foods I like to eat.

With SENSA, I started “sensing”’ how it worked immediately. The first evening, I ate less than half of what I normally would eat.  It was like there was a little voice saying, “Hey, you’re almost full, you should stop eating now”, so I did.  I’d never done that before!  I began listening to my body and with every meal I would become more satisfied while eating less. I also started losing weight; it was really working!  Within the first few days, I joined the online SENSA Community because I wanted to learn everything I could to increase my weight loss.  I got some great tips, such as drinking at least 64oz+ water daily, using a smaller plate to eat and making sure I ate at least 1200+ calories a day so my body didn’t go into “starvation mode”.  I also met some helpful and supportive people who began encouraging me throughout my SENSA journey.

Within the first few weeks, using SENSA had taught me portion control and it changed other bad eating habits of mine. I stopped cravings sweets and comfort food on a daily basis.  I also used to eat when I was watching TV or bored; I didn’t do that anymore. Those cravings and urges just seemed to disappear.  I still ate some of the foods I liked such as lasagna, pizza, pasta and chicken; I just didn’t eat as much of them.  I also still ate chocolate, cake and other sweets, but again, it was a treat a few times a week, not daily.  I kept losing weight and by the end of my first month, I lost over 13lbs!  By the end of my first six month system, I lost over 35lbs!  Normally, this is where I should say it was hard work, but it wasn’t…this is the easiest weight loss product/system I have ever tried!

SENSA is SO easy to use!  Honestly, anyone can use it -anytime / anywhere! You just have to get in the habit of using it every day, every time you eat, consistently sprinkling it on all of your food. Then when your body tells you it is satisfied, you just stop eating.  It’s really that easy!  Then your brain and your body do the rest. Of course, everyone’s bodies are different and SENSA is a 6-month system, but if you truly commit to it, SENSA will work for you too!  It can and will change your life, just like it has mine and so many others!

SENSA has changed… no, it has TRANSFORMED my Life!  I have been using SENSA for a little over a year and I am ecstatic to say that I now 130.6lbs and I am a size 4.  I have lost over 49lbs, so far! SENSA has transformed my overweight body into a beautiful and curvy shape. In addition, to the changes in my appearance, SENSA has helped me see myself in a whole new light.  I am no longer ashamed, embarrassed or isolated from the world.  I am now a more social, confident, and happy person.  This truly is the healthiest and happiest I have been in my life!  SENSA gave me a fresh start, by taking control of my eating habits and not requiring typical, regular exercise. This allowed me to take the steps necessary to make major progress with my medical situation.  After losing the first 35lbs, I started extensive physical therapy.  Due to that, I’m able to be more mobile and I’ve even started to walk with a cane sometimes. I do not know of any other weight loss product that could have helped me this much. I could not have done this without SENSA!

I LOVE SENSA and everything it has done (and continues to do) for me and for so many others!  Thank you SENSA and to everyone who continues to support me throughout my SENSA journey!

~Isabella Landroche

bellasdream on mysensa.com


*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exerciseWeight lost with SENSA®. Compensated for excellent results.

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Calling All New Moms….I have a Big Secret!!!

August 14th, 2012 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, Success Stories 2 Comments »

SENSA is my secret weapon to the battle of the new Mom bulge and I’m ready to tell the world! I am wearing my old clothes again after losing weight from pregnancy number THREE and I couldn’t be happier.  I learned so much from my experience of weight loss with SENSA and I am proud to share my journey and the results.

I first discovered SENSA late one night on a shopping channel back in January 2009. Thank Goodness for post partum insomnia! While I watched Dayna Devon rave about this stuff called, “SENSA” I was reminded of the state I was in. I was carrying an extra 15 pounds of baby weight and was still “overweight” by BMI standards…even after losing 20 pounds from (dreaded word coming up here)..DIETING!  I was so frustrated with my weight loss. I was hungry all the time, missing carbs like no other and having out of control sugar cravings. To top it off, I stopped losing! I stalled out and didn’t lose one stinking ounce for over a month. Can anyone relate to this? I knew from everything I read written by “experts” on weight loss that to begin losing again after hitting a weight loss plateau, I had to “cut the portions and move more.” I thought to myself, “Sure, okay, sign me up for that because exercising at an expensive gym while I’m an exhausted, raging and hungry lunatic sounds like a great plan that fits into my roll of “Mom” to a new baby and a rambunctious toddler! I took a HUGE leap of faith and bought SENSA and just knew that I’d take a rash of heat for buying such a silly thing to lose weight. I even sprinkled in secret for months!

Well, those that know me well know that I lost those extra 15 pounds and then some. SENSA took me to places I never thought I’d go. I lost a total of 33 pounds and got down to a size 2. Sometimes I even wore a size 0!  So what does a gal do when she’s rocking skinny jeans, loving life and family???? Have another baby of course!  Baby number 3 was a beautiful blessing and a surprise for my husband and me and after the excitement of welcoming our new bundle of joy, adjusting to new motherhood again and making sure I was healthy enough for weight loss; I decided to call on my old friend, SENSA to help me lose the baby weight once again.

My first couple of weeks sprinkling was really funny. Let’s not forget, the first time I used SENSA, I already dieted my first 20 pounds away but had also lost a lot of muscle mass and hair too! This time around, my weight loss efforts were only with SENSA. I was so pleasantly surprised that my cravings for sugar filled treats were diminishing! Those sweet treats were always my weakness during pregnancy and the period immediately following.  I didn’t even want my sweet, cream filled coffee anymore, which had helped me through so many of those early morning drives to my daughter’s school with a screaming infant in the backseat and my little 3 year old wanting her breakfast! I was inspired to start partaking in healthier alternatives like green tea and fruits (even those once “off limits” super sweet ones like watermelon and bananas!) Coffee started tasting awful to me and so did wine, oddly enough. I knew that this is how SENSA worked for me the first time I lost the weight with it so I was very pleased that I was having the same success the second time around.  I lost 8 pounds in the first two weeks and a total of 11 for the first month. Not bad! My grand total was 32 pounds in six months and I am happy to report that I’m not missing a thing.  My new motto is, “If I don’t crave it, I don’t need to eat it.” I CAN though, if I want, and that is what is awesome about losing weight the SENSA way. Sprinkling taught me to really listen to my hunger cues. Some days, I’d eat more than other days or I’d partake insnacks at a party or something. I was guilty of thinking that I wasn’t going to lose or that I’d perhaps stall my weight loss efforts.  Instead, I would still lose! I cannot tell people enough how liberating this was for me!  The idea that just because I “can” eat it doesn’t mean I “should” really took shape and here I am again. I’m fitting back into my old dresses again without the ill effects of traditional dieting that I experienced the first couple of times I lost baby weight. I have even taken up walking again and even a little running too… when I have time! Between my 6 year old, my 3 year old and my sweet little baby sometimes I have to cut myself some slack and not stress about the fact that I’m not exercising like other women in my same predicament. That’s good news though, right? Using SENSA means you don’t have to exercise for hours like a crazy person!

I feel privileged to share my story because I really have three different ways that I lost weight with each of my children. To me, SENSA is the clear winner.  The experts are right. To lose weight we as humans need to cut portions and move more. Why not let SENSA take the sting out of doing that? There is no shame in accepting help. We as Moms are busy enough without adding the burdens of guilt, repression, hunger and exhaustion to the equation. I am no longer sprinkling in private. I am proud that my little secret is out! If my experience can help another fellow Mom or ANYONE for that matter, than I will feel even more successful than I already do with my weight loss.

Happy sprinkling!



*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Weight lost with SENSA®. Compensated for excellent results.


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Meredith’s New SENSAtional Attitude!

April 18th, 2012 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, Success Stories 2 Comments »

Meredith won 1st place in the Guest Blogger contest with her inspiring  blog that many people can relate to regarding her goals for the new year!


EVERY year is the same for me. My New Year’s Resolution is always to LOSE WEIGHT!

Sound familiar? yep.  In January I begin forcing vegetables down my throat and drowning myself in water. Then the house gets quiet, my mind starts thinking about all of my old snack friends like Debbie, Snap, Crackle, Pop, and my favorite Chef in a can and I start to miss them. I live in the EATING CAPITAL of the world, New Orleans, so plates of Gumbo, Jambalaya, and Fried EVERYTHING are always swirling around me. Eventually their tempting powers become too strong for me to resist and I binge, feel hopeless,and give up by February.

I always resolve to exercise more as well but I get so BORED walking and walking and going nowhere on that circular belt. So this year I will move with a purpose getting exercise from activities I enjoy. My weight loss struggle has been a 20 year one and this year I resolved to STOP THE MADNESS.

Sensa will help control the emotional eating (my main problem) and help me to be more aware of the correct portion size. Sensa seems to have an entire fool-proof system. There are tools to track exercise and food, allowing me to be aware of what I’m eating. Then, the science behind Sensa to help me avoid those crazy PANICKED out-of-control cravings. Lastly, when I ordered, I had no idea about the Sensa Community and how they would encourage me every step of the way. Where I come from we call this “Lagniappe” (a little something extra- bonus) This is so vital to my success because I do NOT have a support system in family and friends.

I am still amazed at my experience using Sensa on my very first meal. I was excited to try it but didn’t expect anything because it was only the FIRST meal. I couldn’t believe it when I only ate half of my plate. This NEVER happens. In fact, I don’t know if it has ever happened before – seriously. It is so liberating to know that I can still go out to eat with friends – just sprinkle**

This year I know I will succeed because I have a new attitude and complete support system to reach my goals. As long as I enjoy my life and weigh less next month than last month; I will celebrate. I know the key to success is the Sensa Community and to just keep sprinkling.
Laissez les bon temps roulez avec Sensa! (Let the good times roll with Sensa)


*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Compensated for excellent results. SENSA® advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control.

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The Journey has Begun-I Lost 10 lbs in One Week!

January 9th, 2012 Guest Blogger Posted in Contests and Promotions, Main, Success Stories 4 Comments »


Jane M. won 1st place in the SENSA Community Blog Contest.  She purchased her first month of SENSA at Costco and has never looked back.  

Here is her story:

A month ago, if you had told me I would make a New Year’s Resolution that incorporated Sensa, I would have politely smiled and thought you were nuts. As of this morning, I have used SENSA for exactly 1 week, as has my husband.

I have a lot to lose while he has struggled for a year with the last 10 to 15 pounds right around his mid-section. Please understand, I could practically write a thesis on weight-loss techniques and theories. We’ve tried all the mainstream ones. When I analyzed my own issues, I had to be honest and say that portion-size was the biggest hold-up. I enjoy carrots and fresh blueberries but, trust me, you can over-eat those, too!! Being brutally honest and properly determining a portion size of a dessert, just didn’t happen in all those social situations. The result…..it all adds up!

As we’ve worked harder and harder to find something that would fit our lifestyle – crazy and hectic – and assist us to take off the weight – our relationship with food seemed to swing between “good as gold” and “guilty as all get out.” We’ve wanted balance – not more complexity. That’s probably what pushed me over the edge to have us begin Sensa. According to all the hoopla, SENSA was going to do that for me while only asking me to use one tool – a shaker. That journey began 1 week ago this morning. When my husband stepped on the scale today, he had dropped 2.3 pounds! For those of us with a lot to lose, that might not seem much but when you are down to the last few pounds, that is a huge amount in one week!!! Sensa did no less for me. I dropped 10.3 pounds! In fact, I stepped on our fancy electronic scale 3 times to see if it could be wrong!

Best of all, this has not been a week of denial. Our first day on it, I took my husband out to a tapas restaurant, I’ve baked home-made bread, casseroles, beef stew, breaded oven-fried fish, apple strudel!! We were at 3 different social events where we had no control over the food. You might say, I put Sensa to the acid test. I used to be a great cook but kept eliminating more and more in an effort to keep weight under control. I brought it back this week. We did what you said, though. Absolutely nothing went in our mouths without Sensa on it first. And, it worked. We both were shocked by how fast we felt full!

We are going forward with a firm resolution to use Sensa consistently during the coming year. We’re excited by how easy it is and how easy life has become in only a week. I know I can’t expect to drop 10 pounds every week but what a joy it was to see the scale move downward while eating good food that opened up a world of variety in our home again! Now, I only have 2 problems. Thanks to Sensa, our brains have kicked portion size into high gear. The freezer needed to be re-organized to store the left-overs into appropriate sized meals from this week’s cooking spree. The other problem is that the holidays are over and I go back to work next Tuesday. That’s 5 more days on Sensa. I needed dress pants and took advantage of the sales to grab several pairs last Monday. I’m leaving the tags on until next Monday when I will try them on and see if they all need to go back to the store because they’ve gotten too loose!!! May all my problems in the coming year be in these categories!!

*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise.

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Cindy’s Story Pt. 2-How I lost Weight with SENSA

January 4th, 2012 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, Success Stories 1 Comment »

If you didn’t have a chance to check out the first part of Cindy’s blog, here you go….How I lost Weight with SENSA without Exercising. Now here’s Part 2!


As someone with severe osteoarthritis, exercise has always been super hard.  I mean getting out of bed is an ordeal so never mind walking at a fast pace!  I’m an active member of the SENSA Online Community and love participating in the various contests and challenges they offer.  One of the Challenges I wanted to participate in was a workout challenge.  So, instead of adopting some strenuous workout,I bought a pedometer and started counting how many steps I took in a day.  I was amazed how many steps I actually took!  What I was doing didn’t feel like exercise at all!  Plus, it was exciting challenging myself and logging my steps.  There was no pressure of the gym,  it was just a part of my normal life.

I have now lost 77 pounds with SENSA! I have lost most of my cravings for sweets and “junk food”.   I have realized that I am an emotional eater too.  I use food to comfort me because I am bored, or depressed or as for celebration. SENSA has changed how much I eat, by teaching me portion control. And I have learned that even though exercising would make me healthier and give me a nicer looking more tone body, I dont have to exercise to lose weight.

I must thank the SENSA online community for all their love support and encouragement throughout my journey. Without both of them I wouldn’t be where I am today which is 7 lbs from my goal weight of 130.   Now that the New Year is upon us and resolutions are made I would suggest making both long and  short term goals or mini goals, that are realistic and attainable, which can add up to long term goals. Mini goals are so much easier to reach and give you the success and determination to keep working towards your long term goals.  Celebrate the success of your mini goals by treating yourself to something  special other than food, like a movie,  pedicure, or a new piece of clothing etc.  Also i suggest that you join a group in the SENSA online community. You will receive all the support, love, encouragement and motivation to help you to succeed in your weight loss journey.

Happy New Year all!

Cindy G.


* Cindy lost 85 pounds in 11 months.  Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise.  Weight lost with SENSA®. Compensated for excellent results.

Free trial: http://tinyurl.com/5two43g

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How I Lost Weight with SENSA, Cindy’s Story

December 22nd, 2011 Guest Blogger Posted in Main, Success Stories 5 Comments »

Hi All,

I started my SENSA Weight Loss journey March 3rd, 2011. I have severe osteoarthritis and I am supposed to exercise in a therapeutic swimming pool, but I hate exercise, so I either procrastinate or avoid it altogether.  Before I started SENSA I had a hard time getting out of bed, and could barely roll over.  I need a hip replacement and have already had both knees replaced due to my arthritis. I also have major problems with my back and walk using a cane.  So, SENSA seemed like the obvious choice for me since I could eat the food I like and didn’t have to exercise.

Before SENSA, I wore a size 20 jeans and 2-3XL top.  I am in health care and I live in scrubs. I wore a size XL unisex pant and 2XL top.  The scrubs were loose but everything else was too tight and uncomfortable, so I went with comfort over looks.  At 5’3 I weighed 214 pounds, I didn’t even want to take my measurements because I didn’t want to know how big I was.  After I received my first shipment of SENSA I took my “before” picture and joined the online SENSA Community.

My first week on SENSA, I consciously watched how much I ate, trying to take a little less food than normal. I stopped drinking soda, and started trying to listen to my body so I could stop eating when I was full.  But I couldn’t really tell if I was full at first, so giving myself less food made me think about whether I was still hungry or if I just like the taste. A few days later I realized I was satisfied with eating less and after the first week I lost 5 lbs! I was so excited that it made me want to try even harder. I was meeting a lot of people on the community website who encouraged me to keep going, which I desperately needed because I felt all alone in this journey.  I started posting everyday looking for that support and encouragement; it fueled me so much that I continued to take smaller portions at meals and control my snacking. The second week I lost about 4 lbs and in week 3 I realized I wasn’t craving sweets! SENSA was helping me to not crave sweets! This was a big deal because before SENSA I was addicted to sweets and chocolate and eating it all day long.  At the end of month one I lost 13 lbs, without exercising! Enough weight to get into a size large scrub pant and XL top. The pants were a little snug but not uncomfortable. I decided I would take a monthly picture from then on. As the weeks went by, I started wanting to eat better and started choosing healthier food. I used a smaller plate so it didn’t look like I was eating less. And the weight kept coming off. At one point I realized that SENSA was working so well that I wasn’t eating enough! I had to start making sure I was eating at least 1200 calories a day so I started reading labels and giving myself what was considered a serving. I now eat between 1200-1500 calories a day. This has also helped teach me portion control.

Now about exercising… I really don’t like exercising, but I think I found a way to exercise without thinking about it!  Stay tuned for the second part of my blog coming soon….


Cindy lost 85 lbs in 11 months. Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exerciseWeight lost with SENSA®. Compensated for excellent results. 

Free trial: http://tinyurl.com/5two43g

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