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Hi all you Sexy Sprinklers!

Why all the excitement and exclamation points, you ask?  Well I have a new crush.  Noooooooo, not on a dude (I am a married woman for Pete’s sake)….on a product.  SENSA® just released a new drink called QUENCH and I have to say I am really stoked about it.  SENSA®  QUENCH is a low-calorie, sugar-free drink mix (powder that goes right into a bottle of water) that is designed to work in conjunction with the SENSA® weight loss program.

But here’s the best part…it has green tea extract and caffeine in it (in addition to a smorgasbord of vitamins).  For those of you that have been reading my blog (all 2 of you plus my Mom….hi Mom!) you know how much I believe in green tea already.

And not to mention the stuff just tastes good and gives you a break from plain ol’ water or those sugary soft drinks.

We recommend you drink 2 QUENCH per day (between the meals where you are using the SENSA®).  If you are sensitive to caffeine I would suggest one in the morning and one in the early afternoon.  I love them before a workout!


Cheers and keep sprinklin’,

Dayna Devon


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7 Responses to “I Love SENSA® QUENCH!”

  1. i have used sensa two days now and i have possibly over sprinkled twice… could this be giving me a little dizziness or headache?

  2. Hi there. You’re probably not drinking enough water. Try for 10-12 8 oz cups per day and see how you feel….

  3. How do I get QUENCH? I am starting my second month on Sensa and am reading old messages about QUENCH and how much everyone likes it.

  4. Hi Madelon. You can purchase QUENCH on http://mysensa.com

  5. Thanks Yolanda I just placed my order.

  6. please send your phone number so I can call

  7. 866-514-2554

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