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Hi all you Sexy Sprinklers!

Why all the excitement and exclamation points, you ask?  Well I have a new crush.  Noooooooo, not on a dude (I am a married woman for Pete’s sake)….on a product.  SENSA® just released a new drink called QUENCH and I have to say I am really stoked about it.  QUENCH is a low-calorie, sugar-free drink mix (powder that goes right into a bottle of water) that is designed to work in conjunction with the SENSA® weight loss program.

But here’s the best part…it has green tea and caffeine in it (in addition to a smorgasbord of vitamins).  For those of you that have been reading my blog (all 2 of you plus my Mom….hi Mom!) you know how much I believe in green tea already.

Green tea has polyphenols which are like super powerful antioxidants that are believed to protect you from a myriad of diseases, including certain types of cancer. But now new clinical studies are suggesting that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat.  One study confirmed that the combination of green tea and caffeine improved weight loss and maintenance in overweight and moderately obese individuals.

And not to mention the stuff just tastes good and gives you a break from plain ol’ water or those sugary soft drinks.

We recommend you drink 2 QUENCH per day (between the meals where you are using the SENSA®).  If you are sensitive to caffeine I would suggest one in the morning and one in the early afternoon.  I love them before a workout!

If you want to buy some I will be selling them on Shop NBC from March 8th-9th, along with the SENSA® 2-month starter kit for $89.69….so check your local listings.

Cheers and keep sprinklin’,

Dayna Devon


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7 Responses to “I Love SENSA® QUENCH!”

  1. i have used sensa two days now and i have possibly over sprinkled twice… could this be giving me a little dizziness or headache?

  2. Hi there. You’re probably not drinking enough water. Try for 10-12 8 oz cups per day and see how you feel….

  3. How do I get QUENCH? I am starting my second month on Sensa and am reading old messages about QUENCH and how much everyone likes it.

  4. Hi Madelon. You can purchase QUENCH on http://mysensa.com

  5. Thanks Yolanda I just placed my order.

  6. please send your phone number so I can call

  7. 866-514-2554

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