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Patti Stanger: I LOVE SENSA!

Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger is moving in folks…into the Sensa blog universe!

I’m ecstatic to be joining the Sensa family and providing Sensa reviews, plus you can look forward to hearing more from me every month. And if you’ve seen my show, heard my satellite radio show or read my book, you know I’m a no BS kind of girl! That’s right. Just like I whip millionaires into shape for love on my hit show, The Millionaire Matchmaker,” I’m going to keep YOU on track toward your weight-loss goal.

So what makes me so qualified to help you get the body you want with Sensa? BECAUSE SENSA (click for details)HELPED ME GET MY BODY BACK!

I may be a TV personality, but we have way more in common than you think! I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. (Sound familiar?) And just because I’m on TV, that doesn’t mean private chefs and trainers can keep me fit. I’M WAY TOO BUSY and I am obsessed with food!

Just a few months ago, I saw a photo of myself on the red carpet, and I almost burst into tears.  I was going through a stressful time in my life and food had become my comfort. I had gained almost 25 pounds without noticing it.  That was it.  At that moment I thought to myself, “I am NEVER going to look that way again.”

Then one night I was watching ShopNBC with my fiancé and I saw Dayna Devon selling Sensa. I liked the idea that I didn’t have to change my lifestyle or give up my favorite foods to be on the Sensa program. I was skeptical but I thought – what the hell, I have tried every diet program imaginable: packaged foods, calorie counting, pills and more.  But they’re way too much work! Especially for someone with my schedule — or yours, right?!?

So I started sprinkling Sensa on whatever I ate and went about my day. After about 2 weeks I noticed my body was changing and I was learning proper portion control. I went through my days and continued to eat what I wanted, and I was losing weight.  And just two months later, check me out: 25 pounds lighter and I’VE GONE FROM A SIZE 8 TO A SIZE 4*!!

So don’t you dare tell me you can’t drop that extra “baggage.” And don’t think it’s ever too late to get the body you want. At 49, I am hotter than ever. That’s why I LOVE SENSA!

Now, it’s your turn… tell me your “I LOVE SENSA” story.

And don’t forget to sprinkle!

Patti Stanger

*Responders avg. weight loss using SENSA® was 9.5 lbs in 6 months. Patti lost 35 lbs in 8 months with SENSA®. SENSA® is not endorsed by Bravo or “The Millionaire Matchmaker” show.

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218 Responses to “Patti Stanger: I LOVE SENSA!”

  1. wow this product really works!i am full and i have stopped eating in between meals!love it! my clothes are fitting better!its only been two weeks and i am down 4 pounds. no diet! thank you!!!!

  2. Laura Bourgeois Says:

    I am just not having the same results as Patti and everyone else, it’s so frustrating! Help??? Thank you, Laura

  3. Doggy Blogger Says:

    Wow!! Patti looks so amazing. Like a million bucks!!

  4. HI Laura,

    We are sorry to hear you are frustrated but we would LOVE to help. Please join us in our community at http://budurl.com/SenCom for additional support, tools, meal and fitness plans to help you achieve success!

  5. I recently started the sensa. it has been a week and as of today i have lost 7 lbs…I should be excited but i feel sceptical! i can seem to lose 7 to ten lbs quickley but then it is a dead stop and i get frustrated and once again i eat and gain the weight back. I need to lose a total of 53 lbs. It is a long haul and i need to get psyched..I will continue to sprinkle and maybe next week if i continue to do well my mind will get into the weight loss..wish me luck

  6. Hi Jeannette,

    Every body responds differently. IT seems like you has success in the beginning and maybe stressing yourself out about the time line of weight loss. Please join us in our community at http://budurl.com/SenCom for additional support and advice to help you get over your slump. Best of luck to you! Keep a positive attitude, you can do it!


  8. Elizabeth lee Says:

    Right now I’m waiting for my sensa to come I just can’t wait . And Patti I love your show I love your style.

  9. Hi, I been tacking sense i am on my 3 rd month I gained 15 lb more I don’t no what is going in on I am eating healthy please let me know

  10. I’m still waiting for my Sensa too!! I can’t wait, i guess i’ll be back next week with some story! Can’t wait!!

  11. Hi Cassy,

    Please call our Customer Service department at (866) 514-2554 Mon-Fri 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST if you haven’t received your Sensa yet! Thanks!

  12. I just ordered my Sensa but am very worried about side effects involving running to the bathroom or stomach aches. Anyone have any advice before I try this? I am thinking maybe you ease into it??? THANKS

  13. Hi Elizabeth. No need to worry. There aren’t any ingredients in SENSA that would contribute to digestive problems! All you have to do is sprinkle it on everything that you eat and you’ll notice your portions decrease. Good luck and keep us posted!

  14. I can’t order over the internet. Is sensa sold in stores?

  15. Hi Jeannie. You can call our customer service line to place an order if you can’t order online. 866-514-2554, Mon-Fri 6am-4pm, PST. We will be sold in select GNC stores mid-Sept. Thank you for your interest!

  16. I just ordered my sensa. I’m excited! I really wanna lose about the same amount as patti. I want to go from an 8 to a 4. I just hope I don’t really have to excercise. I feel like I eat alright but if i worked out a little and toned, I would be alright. =/ we shall see…

  17. Hi
    A week ago I start trying SENSA, I’m not so fat, but I’ll love lo loose 15 lbs. Anyway, I was excited but then I read about cases in which SENSA migth not work : people that have no smell or taste sense, and that’s what is happening to me !!, plus I find it a little expensive.
    How can I generate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number ?

  18. Just started Sensa and i have already lost 7 pounds.
    I woke up this morning with NO APPETITE!!( very unusual!)
    My daughter & her hubby did not have any problems re-
    turning the product after 30 days. The other letters
    on the SIDE EFFECTS of SENSA SITE are a little disturbing
    ING that when they wanted to return product SENSA just
    kept billing their credit card. TELL ME THIS ISN’T SO!!!

  19. I just ordered my sensa this morning. Im a nervous wreck about all this, i want it to work. i hope hope hope this isnt another diet scam, it seems legit. I need to loose about 45-50 pounds. Im getting married next year and want to look fabulous for my wedding.

  20. Marlenia Goodman Says:

    I want to send the second months Sensa back but can’t find an address. Please help me i do not want tobe billed 90 dollars for something that doesn’t work for me

  21. im still waiting for my sensa too. cant wait for it i’m in the gym started a week ago so i should be alright once i start the product. (so excited) lol…

  22. Hi Marlena, You will find the information on how to return on the packing slip. You have to go online or call customer service at 866-514-2554 to cancel before you ship back the product so they can cancel your account and provide you with a RMA#. We’re sorry to hear SENSA wasn’t what you were looking for. Take care!

  23. SENSA can help you look fabulous Sabtsuki! All you have to do is sprinkle it on everything that you eat, all your meals and snacks, and it helps curb some of those bad eating habits we all have. Check out our community for extra support and weight loss tools as well. Good luck!

  24. Hi Consuelo. You can generate a RMA online or by calling our customer service department at 866-514-2554. Thank you for trying SENSA. We’re sorry it didn’t work for you!

  25. Grace, thank you for writing and sharing about your SENSA® Journey. Sometimes when we start a new product we find that our bodies take time to adjust to it. Make sure you are sprinkling everything you eat except liquids.
    Yolanda, I answered these questions, did not know how to post them. The ones that were about customer service by Sandra, I did not answer and do not know if this is mine to do. I look forward to hearing from you today.

  26. Gloria, thank you for writing about the struggles you are encountering. I really want SENSA® to work for you too. I know that making adjustments to using the product correctly can make all the difference in our weight-loss journey. That being said, make sure you are sprinkling everything you eat except liquids. Eat until you START to feel full and STOP. You can use a small plate fill it, sprinkle it and eat it and STOP. Drink plenty of water (64 ozs a day) our bodies get thirsty. This washes out the toxins and fats. Best on your journey.

  27. Your 60 day free trial says that you have to notify you within 30 days if you are not satisfied…if not, at that point you will charge my card for the 60 days with another charge for another 60 days so that I have repeat shipments.
    What if I only want it for the 60 day trial and DONT want another shipment? there is no place to stop that on the order page.
    How do I only get a 60 day shipment for free, with the charge if I like it, and NO MORE shipments after that?
    Please advise, but be aware that IF I do like your product AFTER the 60 days I will consider a purchase, but I dont want to have ANY automatic shipments!!
    thank you…

  28. i was trying to find the link for sensa. I saw Patti Stanger on the Wendy Williams Show last night and she mentioned how she lost weight using Sensa. I saw the link for free trail I cant,t find it know. I was wondering if I can get some free samples of sensa i cannot afford sensa at this time. i have a birthday coming up in November it would be great. please e-mail me back pmartin11165@yahoo.com.thanksxxx

  29. Hi Lisa. Here’s how the trial works. You pay upfront for shipping only and receive a 60 day supply. At the time you enroll in the trial, you are automatically signed up for auto-shipments, however, you are able to cancel this option at any time. There is no way to opt out of auto-shipments while signing up for the trial. You try the first 30 days without paying anything, and decide at the end of those 30 days if you would like to purchase both months (the 60 day supply). If you decide to move forward you are charged for both months you received. If you haven’t cancelled the auto-shipments you will continue to receive a shipment of SENSA every 60 days. Again this is a 30 Day Trial, and if at the end of the 30 days you decide to not move forward, you either call customer service for a RMA or go online to your account to cancel the trial and send back the product. You are never charged if you cancel, only if you do not cancel. The auto-shipments can be stopped or delayed at anytime, except for when the order is initially placed online. The terms cannot be changed, so if you are not comfortable with them, you may want to consider purchasing SENSA outright, which has a 30 day money-back guarantee. I hope this answers your question.

  30. Hello! We are please you would like to try SENSA, however, we are not able to give out free samples. You are able to try SENSA before you buy it for 30 days. Please go to http://trysensa.com Thank you!

  31. michelle beaudette Says:

    I placed an order a week 1/2 ago and have been charged for your product and still have not recieved it .

  32. Hi Michelle! You are able to track your order online at http://trysensa.com or you can call customer service at 866-514-2554, Mon-Fri, 6-4pm, PST. If you paid for rush shipping, we’ll be happy to refund you that money. Thank you!

  33. I work in a medical clinic and my boss is doing this, finds that it’s really working and would like to become a distributor. What do we need to do?

  34. I have order sensa and excited to try it…But I would like to know being that I had the gastric bypass which I lost 200lbs, since June 2004, now Im at a stand still with my weight will this give me the extra boost I need to start buring calories again

  35. I am debitic bad i wear a pump and take pills. I know losing weight will help I have been on weight watchers for five months lost 10 lbs and gain three back. Doctors sayit is hard for dibitics to lose will sensa help

  36. Hi – I purchased Sensa last night and requested Rush Delivery! I hope the product really works. I’ve read on the internet that it may not work. Patti looks great and her results were a motivating factor in my purchase. I want to lose 30 pounds, I can’t even believe I have that much to lose. I’m 50 years old and 5 ft. 3 and weigh 150! I carry it well, but I’m CHUNKY & I want to be light & healthy. Sensa – please work.

  37. Hello Leslee! We’re happy to hear your supervisor is losing weight with SENSA! We currently don’t have any active affiliate programs at this time, but please check back frequently as we are working on expanding.

  38. We’re excited for you as well Susan! SENSA doesn’t contain any ingredients that will boost your metabolism, however, you will notice your eating habits change. Please join our community. I’m sure there are women who are using SENSA after their gastric bypass and can help support you in your weight loss journey.

  39. Hi Judy! Sometimes it is harder for diabetics to lose weight, as the blood sugar is metabolized differently and sometimes not effectively, however, it’s not impossible. There are many diabetics that lose weight successfully while using SENSA. All you have to do is sprinkle it on everything that you eat, except for liquids and you will notice your not finishing your meals or snacking throughout the day. Also, if you can, walking will help boost your metabolism and burn calories, even while you’re resting. Good luck!

  40. Hi Rosa! You will get critics from every corner for every product on the market. SENSA has worked for thousands of people, including Patti Stanger and Dayna Devon, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you. Keep these things in mind, SENSA isn’t a magic pill, it’s a tool. So if you really want to lose weight, it’s essential that you make a few lifestyle changes….nothing drastic, maybe try walking for 30 minutes a day or if you eat out a lot, try limiting it to only once a week. If you look at my profile, I also struggle with losing weight, however, with SENSA and other things, I’ve managed to take off 15 pounds. You can do this!

  41. shelia walker-carr Says:

    durning the 5th or 6th of august you should have received a money order for $59.99 , the money order # 144 5290 497 …and i did not receive your product ..so i call your customer service dept. and was told that you do not except mmoney orders at this time …that was find with me …but today is oct 30th 2010 and i have not receive my money order or a check in the same amount or the product and was told it would take about 2 wks before i receive my money …someone in your accounting dept needs to return my money or a check…pls respond asap

  42. Hello Shelia! I am going to send your request to customer service. I know our Customer Service department is very dependable and cares about you and meeting your needs. Thank you for letting us know and look forward to the day you get to try this outstanding product.

  43. Hi Shelia. As you already found out, we do not accept money order as a payment method for SENSA. Where did you send the money order to and did you get delivery confirmation?

  44. I haven’t noticed that Sensa is curbing my appetite at all. I still eat everying that is put on my plate. I’m thinking Sensa only works for those who psychologically think it will work? For those who lose several pounds the first week, then nothing. That’s the same for most diets. The first week you are flushing your body of fluids and impurities. From then on, you have to actually burn fat.

  45. Elizabeth, SENSA® is a weight-loss product and not a diet. It is true on many diets we do see immediate weight-loss and that is what sets SENSA® apart from the rest. It is a gradual weight-loss and the experts say 1-2#’s a week is healthy weight-loss. I have lost 45# in 7 months on SENSA®. I never exercised, dieted, or change the way I eat. It is a slow process and that brings about long-term weight-loss. I hope you will give it time as everyone responds differently to a new product. The return by being consistent by sprinkling everything you eat except liquids. Keep in touch as I would love to help you be successful on SENSA®!

  46. I wanted to try sensa ans i signed up for the free trial..for some reason it said it will not go through than my credit card was a billed twice for the shipping and handling…i never got a confirmation from sensa saying will recieve sensa and i dont wasnt two products

  47. Hi joseph. We looked up your account and don’t show any pending orders. You may want to try and call customer service at 866-514-2554 if the charge doesn’t fall off in a couple days.

  48. Hello! I ordered my sensa about a week ago. It should be getting to me anytime now. I’m excited about trying it, but also very skeptical. My best friend ordered hers the same time and we are going to test it together. Will let everyone know what happens!

  49. Kyla, congratulations on ordering SENSA®! This is an exciting time to make changes that are effortless and rewarding. I hope you and your friend check out the trysensa.com for additional support and encouragement. Please let me know if I can help you in any way. Have a great journey on SENSA®!

  50. i tried sensa last nov and i did lose like 25lbs but i was eating less not using sensa that much and i wansnt a waseful person so i keep on using it till it was gone and that was a mistake and i started gaining weight so u do have to use in 1 month then throw away,then start fresh next month

  51. Hi Nancy. Every month is supposed to last you for a full 30 days only, so once the month is over, just throw away the shaker and start on the next month.

  52. I am on week 2 and not having any wieght loss. I am hungry most of the time, am I not using enough product on my food?

  53. Hi Marsi! It’s very soon, so please don’t get discouraged. SENSA isn’t like other diet products in that you can’t “feel” it working…it’s more natural. Try sprinkling a little more, but please be patient. Everyone loses weight at different paces and you have to give SENSA time to do it’s magic. If you’re still hungry, try eating healthier snacks like string cheese or an apple to help tide you over until the next meal.

  54. I lost 7lbs. in 4 weeks and feel great! I am planning to lose 50-60 lbs. I am 56 and am also a diabetic and on much medication. This couldn’t be better for me.Shake Shake Shake


  55. Dorothy, congratulations on your 7# loss. We are glad that SENSA® and you are having a great time together and making progress toward your goal. I hope you will consider joining the trysensa.com Community and get additional support for your journey. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

  56. Elizabeth Lee Says:

    i bought the sensa almost a month ago and it really did work. i lost 10 pounds in about 24 days but now it seems it has come to a complete halt.
    i need to loss the weight because im was told if i dont loss it ill be put on high Blood pressure meds and thats something i dont like to hear.
    i started out at 210 and lost 10 pounds.
    i really dont want to be disapointed in this product cause it showed such promising results.

  57. Elisabeth, congratulations on the 10# weight-loss. You are doing great. Everyone’s body has to make an adjustment and the experts say 1-2#’s a week is healthy weight-loss. Don’t get stressed but relax and keep sprinkling everything you eat except liquids. Drink plenty of water. Go to the trysensa.com Community and get plugged into a support group. You will learn lots of tips, get support and encouragement. I am here for you as well. I am cheering you on so stay focused.

  58. If you need to lose more than 30 pounds and at the end of month 6 you are not at your goal, what do you do? Do you repeat month 6 until you reacy your goal? Thank you.

  59. Hi Julia! All you do is start back over at month 1. If you receive auto-ships you will continue to cycle through the months until you reach your goal or cancel. Good luck!

  60. Jayson Hahner Says:

    I most certenly liked this innovative angle that you have on the topic. Certainly wasn’t thinking on this at the time I begun searching for tips. Your ideas was totally easy to understand. Happy to find out that there’s an individual online that gets it on the spot what its is talking about.

  61. Don’t buy Sensa. I did not lose any weight with Sensa, did everything right. Cancelled my membership and now have collections department calling my house at 830pm every night, even though I have tried to send Sensa back, asked representative to call back at a more appropriate time. Do not buy Sensa. Does not work.

  62. Johannes Peeters Says:

    please cancel my subscription

  63. Hello,
    This is not the correct way to cancel. As per the instructions on your packing slip, you need to either cancel online at http://trysensa.com or call customer service at 866-514-2554. Your account will remain active until you do so.

    Thank you!

  64. some comments here are fake…..

  65. I just bought sensa online. I was watching the commercial and it said if I call or order on-line I would get the to go packs free. I didn’t!! I did go ahead and places a order, I paid extra to get in 3 -5 days. Need to loose at least 50 pounds. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you all posted.

  66. I am 82 years old. Somehow I got one container of your Sensa product for loosing weight. I can’t remember how I got this or why. I’ve been charged $89.95 on my bank statement. I live on Social Security, which is a fixed income. I am too old to be concerned with my weight! All I have to show for this charge is a small container of some sort of powder! If you wish I can mail it back to you if you furnish me with a mailing address. Please credit me for this charge, I need the money far more than you do!
    Louise Patterson 205 Douglas Dr River Ridge, La 7012

  67. I have been using Take Shape For Life and lost 60 lbs! But I am going to use Sensa in conjuntion with my weight loss plan to finish off the last 60 lbs.
    Happy New Year!

  68. Sally, I wish you luck on your new SENSA® Journey. I know that you will be pleased how effortless and effective you find this product. I am here for you if you need me.

    Keep Sprinkling,
    Coach Miriam

  69. I started Sensa three days ago and have lost already although I have thrown out every bit of sugar in this house and have adjusted my eating. However, after using I have this awful bitter taste in my mouth that almost makes me nauseous. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have gone to other sites to get a response but no one has…..WHAT IS THIS TASTE? I am going to do the 30 days but if this continues, will ship it back and pray I am not charged.

  70. Hi I have not tried it yet but I want to know do it has a taste to it

  71. Levale Ferguson Says:

    Hi, I am excited about your sensa program I haven’t got any yet, I just need to know how much I have to pay for your sensa program to help me loose up to 80lbs, will it help?

  72. Please cancel my subscription immediately. dated 1/10/2011

    Thank You,

    Gary H Hill


  73. Hi Gary. Are you trying to cancel your SENSA product subscription or your email subscription? If it’s the product, this isn’t the proper channel and you need to call customer service at 866-514-2554, M-F, 6-4pm, PST and they can help you out. If it’s the email subscription, I will add you to the email, unsub list. Thanks!

  74. Hi,
    I signed up for a one time 6 month supply o senna including the idividual packett I have not received anything no phone call, no email, on product, no nothing. I paid for the product have faith that it will work but I cannot attest to anything because I have not received it aand according to the customer service perrson it was a rush on the order meanimg i should have received it on latter than this past friday January 14th 2011. Can you help with this problem
    hank you

  75. thank youi for the free trial. I do not wish to continue with Sensa at this time. Unfortunately I am unable to return unused product, It was all used, and the containers re-cycled in the plastic bin.

  76. Hi Marilyn. Thank you for trying our free trial, but you need to call customer service and speak with them about what you need to do to avoid being charged for what you received. Please call 866-514-2554, M-F, 6am-4pm, PST. Thanks!

  77. my doctor recomended sensa to me cause i need to loose about 40 lbs. i just started 1-31 and am very exited and hoping it really works for me after trying so many things on the market. so i see positive and negative commnents but i”m still going to try it and hope for the best, i will keep you posted. thank you

  78. I have been thinking of trying Sensa but don’t like having the continuous shipments, must cancel by a certain date, etc. Luckily, I saw it in Rite Aid yesterday. There was 1 left for $87.00. Didn’t buy it because I wanted to read a little more. Buy it retail if you don’t want the hassle. Remember, nothings free! Good luck to all of us who need to shed the weight..


  80. I bought mine on shopnbc.com – 3 month supply $99.00 and it includes dvd, recipe book and other things – best deal and they explain it after the 3 months you start over again with the 1 month supply and follow the same 3 month again. But if your first month shaker is not empty when the month end – you pitch it and then start month 2 – if you noticed you didn’t use all the first months then increase what you use the 2nd month so there is nothing left in your shaker. Good luck

  81. is this safe for teenagers

  82. wow, nice post, I was wondering the same thing. and found your site by google, learned a lot, now i have got some idea. bookmarked and also signed up your rss. keep us updated.

  83. Sensa Reviews Says:

    I am a believer, at least so far. I received Sensa last Saturday and began sprinkling it on breakfast Sunday morning. It has been six days and I have lost 5.4 pounds thus far. My cravings have diminished and my appetite is pretty much gone. I have tried diets my whole life even though the most I usually needed to lose was 10 pounds: this time I need to lose double that. So I am 1/4 of the way, but I think I am going to stay on it indefinitely. If someone is having problem, perhaps they are using too much or too little. Just follow the instructions. Excellent product – I love Sensa!

  84. Charlene Valentine Says:

    So far so good. I have been using Sensa for 8 days and in that timeframe my appetite has diminished and I have lost 6.3 lbs. I have dieted my entire life with a usual goal of 10 lbs: this time I’m in my fifties and my goal is more than double that.
    So even though I am certain the initial couple of pounds was water, I am truly seeing a difference in how my clothes fit. I have not experienced any side effects except that I have no desire to eat between meals. So if there is a side effect, I believe that it is the intended one.
    For those who are having a difficult time adjusting, perhaps you are sprinkling too much or too litte. Just follow the directions and I’m certain you will see results like mine.
    Also, they say that it is a six month plan but if it continues to work as it does, I intend on staying on this indefinitely. I LOVE SENSA!

  85. I have Just placed my order and will be expecting it in a couple of Days. I CAN NOT WAIT TO START !! Patti is so Awesome and is looking hot , she is such an inspiration! I will keep you posted on my success !

  86. pierreisna archille Says:

    dear sensa how you doing good how you feel good better well

  87. Hi there. I know this might seem like a stupid question but i just ordered my free trial last night and i was wondering if i count my 30 days from when i ordered or from when i actually get the sensa?

  88. From when you receive your SENSA. Read the packing slip and you will see that date the trial ends. If that’s not 30 days from when you received it, just call customer service and they will change it. Good luck!

  89. How old do you have to be to use Sensa

  90. [...] and your appetite. They also gifted their new energy-enhancing vitamin drink, SENSA Quench. It worked for Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stranger, and we will be trying this too! Stay tuned. [...]

  91. joan Hughes Says:

    where can I find a list of ingredients?

  92. What is the eventual cost after the free trial?

  93. Lori Jumpe Says:

    I am trying to get ahold of customer service!Please send me an e-mail with a phone number that I can call to discuss my situation with your product. Thank you,
    Lori A. Jumpe

  94. You can contact customer service at 866-514-2554, M-F 6am-4pm, PST. You can also access your account online at http://trysensa.com Just enter your username and password and you can do whatever you need to do to your account.

  95. If you do not cancel the trial within 30 days, you are charged for what you received at $89.95. You are then charged that same amount every 60 days thereafter until you cancel.

  96. barbara wohlk Says:

    I just got off of hCG and lost weight and I couln’t stand the side effects. I ordered Sensa and I seemed only to hold my weight and then I went on a cruise. didn’t stop me from eating though. I ate a lot. When I take it, I get severe diarrhea. The only way I can take it is when I take a digestive aid called Alighn (I think that is the name.) I put it on my boyfriend’s popcorn and it seems he is satisfied with not eating licorice right afterward like he always did. He gained weight from the cruise also but I didn’t give him any on the trip.


    At the moment im pregnant, i have to 2months to go, i saw that that there was a free trail and wanted to order so i can have a plan after having my baby, when ordering my credit card did not get accepted but, come to find out the product just arrived today, im not sure after reading so many different comment that i should keep this product and allow for my credit card to be bill, and i surely would not want any issue, of my card to be auto bill after, asking for the product to be canceled afterwards, i will like to know if its truly wroth the keeping a product that i cant use until 2months down the line….

  98. Hi there! The trial is such that if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you just cancel online or over the phone at 866-514-2554 so that you won’t be billed before the last day of your trial is up. You can find the last day of your trial on the packing slip. If you cancel, you are never billed as long as we receive our product back within 30 days of you canceling. If you decide to keep it, then you are billed for what you received. Since you are still pregnant and probably don’t want to use it yet, you have a couple options. You can call customer service and get the trial period extended, or you can see if they can discount the price for you a bit to keep what you have and then cancel any future shipments.

  99. I Started the using the Sensa product 2.5 weeks ago and my trial is up tomorrow. I haven’t lost any weight as a matter of fact I have gained 4lbs. Could this be because I don’t breathe thru my nose as its broken with a deviated septum? If this isn’t going to work for me -I don’t want to be charged but since you don’t get a full 30 days to try before your charged what do you honestly suggest I do? Please be honest.



  100. Hi Robin! I’m sorry to hear about your nose and hope it gets better soon. The fact that you can’t breathe out of your nose, may be affecting the way SENSA is working for you. Here’s what you can do. We have changed your trial end date to 5/31. That way, you can give your nose time to heal and not be charged for it and still have the opportunity to use it. If by 5/31 you feel that SENSA still isn’t working for you, please make sure to call on or before that day and you will be not be charged. Feel better!

  101. Hey;
    I wanna get this but i was wondering, if i order it & like it, do i need to purchase it? i just wanna try it too see how it does, so will i need to purchase it if i like it or not?

  102. Hello. If you purchase the trial, then you have 30 days to try it. After 30 days, if you don’t like it or for whatever reason, just cancel and you aren’t charged. If you decide to keep what was sent, then you are charged $89.95 and will receive shipments every 60 days until you cancel. You can also purchase it at GNC stores nationwide.

  103. Carolyn Cox Says:

    Please cancel my subscription to Sensa as I can no longer afford it. Thank-you.

  104. Carolyn, If you would like to cancel, please call customer service at 866-514-2554, M-F 6AM-4PM as stated in the terms and conditions of the trial. This isn’t the proper channel in which to take care of such business. Thanks!

  105. I have tried several times to call your customer service number only to be placed on hold for 30 minutes before I finally hang up. Please email me and let me know how I can cancel my orders as well. too expensive and they arrive too often.

  106. HI ! I was given a free trial for my husband. My husband take it for 3 weeks but nothing seems to happen. His doctor advise him to stop taking it because of his high blood pressure. I called sensa gave me RMA code for return. i was automatically charged, and i want a refund for that. I’ve been calling them they said they haven’t received the package i sent . I also live in California and their office is just in Valencia. Is this a scam??

  107. Hi Carina. Did you get delivery confirmation? We do suggest that, just in case. We will send your account over to a manager to review and get you refunded. Thank you!

  108. Hi Sylvia. You can cancel your account anytime at http://mysensa.com.

  109. Hi
    Can you use this product while on a high protein low carb/sugar diet?? Is it safe?
    Thank you!!

  110. Hi Erin,

    Yes, you can use SENSA in conjunction with any other diet product or program because it works directly with food and your sense of smell. The ingredients in SENSA are found in everyday food and are on the FDA’s generally recognized as safe list. We do advise you consult your physician before starting your weight loss program.

  111. Patty;

    I was wondering how did you lose the weight sinse most celebrities never really say how they lost the weight so fast.
    so please give more info.


  112. ..just ordered Sensa…Im excited…I hope this works and is not just another scam

  113. Will this work with people who have had Chemo and Stem cell transplant ? How long will it take to lose 50 pounds in general?

  114. i want to try sensa for free

  115. i want to try sensa for my mom

  116. EILEEN DAY Says:


  117. Hi Eileen. We offer a free trial, not a sample, at http://trysensa.com. You can try SENSA before you buy it.

  118. NOREEN REEVES Says:

    like to cancel program

  119. Hi Noreen. You may cancel by calling customer service at 866-514-2554, M-F 6am-4pm, PST or online at http://mysensa.com. You won’t be able to cancel through the blog. Thanks!

  120. I had a brain anuyerism and need to know if there is anything in this that could be harmful to take by someone with my medical condition?

  121. James Voorheis Says:

    i need to cancel a scheduled re-order— nothing to do w/ product— personal finances in uproar

  122. Hello. Please cancel online at http://mysensa.com or by calling customer service at 866-514-2554.

  123. shelina lucky Says:

    just bought sensa from gnc ,still have doubts will it work or not ?as its my third day and i eat the regular food and not execercising ,lets see!!!

  124. Is Sensa safe for diabetics?

  125. Received Sensa on May 26. Have been using it for every meal. Starting wt. 197.5. We’ll see how sucessful I am. Skeptical, but hopeful.

  126. Is is safe for diabetics ?

  127. I tried to order your product last evening & instead I got some email about being on your blog.
    I just want to order your product! I gave my credit card information,etc… and have not received not so much as a confirmation #. I’m concerned as to the validity of your company & it’s product.

    Elizabeth V. Rankin

  128. is it safe for some one how is on high blood pressure medication?

  129. Hi Elizabeth. I sent you an email regarding your order. It was successfully placed and is on it’s way.

  130. Sensa has been a total disappointment. I feel like such a gullible fool. Having a fabulous lifestyle like
    that of Patti Stanger might help more. I didn’t need to
    waste precious money on this.

  131. Lisa Thomas Says:

    Please cancel my subscription to Sensa

    Lisa Thomas

  132. classytrich Says:

    Hello, Just ordered Sensa and need to know if I can use it at the same time as HCG drops? Also, I take blood pressure medicine and need to know if this is safe. Can’t wait to start the Sensa, combined with the HCG drops I should lose lots of weight, just need to know if it is safe. Thanks and I will keep you posted!

  133. Hi Classytrich! You should consult your physician before using SENSA. SENSA can be used with any other diet program but works awesome on it’s own.

  134. Exactly what is “Sensa”? Is it an FDA approval to selling at doctor’s or pharmacy? Approximately what does a #30 day supply cost? Is this an OTC meication or some type of herb?

  135. Hi Debbie. Here’s what’s in SENSA. http://bit.ly/ih4yMl

  136. Hello. Please follow the proper channels to cancel. Either cancel online at http://mysensa.com or call customer service at 866-514-2554, M-F 6am-4pm, PST



  139. wow, I was just gonna’ get the “free” 60 day….Until they charge you after 30 days for $90 a pop for 2 months! Haven’t and can’t see a benefit as of yet from any ONE for 30 days or less! I’ll be saving my $$$ TOO good 2 B True! 15 minutes of walking each day folks! I’,m feeling the burn and shedding the pounds!

  140. i would love to find something that fits into my schedule bc with a baby and a man that acts like a baby and a full time job working overtime 60+ hours i have absolutly no time to work out i try to stand and walk whenever i can and with money these days i cant go to a gym or make my own diners .. i have always been 125 or under my whole life till i had a child and now im pushong 190 i would love to be 150 and from there i know i will have the energy again to do more in my day … would this really work? i have very little money and if i spend it on this and its a waste.. idk wut i would do

  141. Hi Wynell. The fact that you’re not eating could be the reason you aren’t losing weight. You have to eat to lose weight or your body will store fat and your metabolism will slow down. Not eating is a sure way to gain weight instead of losing.

  142. Mzbeaumonttx Says:

    I used sensa for tha two months tat I did pay for it cause its not cheap my starting weight was293 inow weigh 263 and tat was jus two months I think if I continue to use it I will reach my goal I think sensa is a sucess miricale diet cause nothing ever worked for me I tried everthing when I tell the world tis I am sayin it from thr bottom of my heart u guys give it a min and work out it works.

  143. Am in wheelchair, so have gained weight.

    How much after free trial?

  144. Hi Margo! We have different offers, however, the most common offer is $89.95 every 60 days, which averages out to about $45 per month.

  145. Is Sensa toxic to Dogs? I am use to giving my dog some leftovers and may have accidentally gave him some laced with Sensa. He died after a week of me starting to use it . Thanks.

  146. joyce thiery Says:

    i’m curious. i like cereal. the kind you add milk to. but your booklet says do not ad to liquids. can i add to this



  149. Hi. We offer a free trial, not a sample. Here’s the link for you: http://trysensa.com

  150. Does any body know the ingredients of SENSA, I need to know before I buy, if there is Gelatin in the ingredients because I can’t have Gelatin. I appreciate if some one take a look to the ingredients and post here. Thanks

  151. maria padilla Says:

    To Whom it may concern:
    I’m an Independent Business Owner, working for a important Retail Company that gives me an opportunity to do research on new products with high sell potential; and your product meet what my company are looking for. If your company allow me first with an authorization letter send to me via a-mail.
    This company is International, solid and trustworthy. Right now has already business in 14 countries and growing. Mean buying in large volume to meet the need.
    If your product is approve it will be in our global stores, catalogs and website.
    I need your authorization to consent display your product before I present it to my company.
    If this negotiation come to agree. I would like to mention to you my percentage commission as an intermediary.
    Thank you for your time. Hoping to have a long term business relationship.
    Sincerely yours, Maria Padilla.

  152. Hello. You can find the ingredients here: http://www.trysensa.com/frequently-asked-questions.htm#q21

  153. To anyone that wants to know! You are able to buy Sensa at the GNC store for 89.99 and do not have to deal with the autoshipping.I was in there today to look at it and the HCG and they carry both.But the GNC also has the product that helps you clean out your system before you start any diet plan that people carry in their body without knowing it.A person may have anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds of waste sitting in their body’s. I think anyone who wants to loss weight should first toxic their body’s it make the diet process easier do follow.

  154. gloeyann dean Says:

    How do I get a free trial?

  155. Cyndy Mudge Says:

    I just started my trial products and I’m having sever craming and diahreahha. ( spelling) Anyway is that part of the side effects?? I have been on it now for 3 days. What should I do?

  156. All of the ingredients found in SENSA are on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list and can be found in foods you already consume on a daily basis. If you have food sensitivities or allergies, specifically to soy or milk, you may want to consult with your physician prior to using.

    Some users embrace new healthy lifestyle changes when they start SENSA that can result in temporary side effects. For example if you give up soda or other caffeinated beverages you may experience headaches for a short duration of time. Increasing your water consumption may help with this side effect. Also as SENSA is designed to allow you to feel full on less food, you may notice some stomach discomfort if you continue to eat larger portions. To combat this effect, try to eat slowly and stop eating as soon as you start to get full.

  157. Here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/5two43g

  158. Hi there. Thank you for your interest in SENSA, however, we dissolved our affiliate program, and are only partnering with a select group of major retailers. If this changes, I will send you more information.

  159. linda haynes Says:

    It did not do one thing for me e xcept nauseate me. I am returning to you. Please cancell any further orders.
    Please reply with a cancellation confirmation number.
    Thanks, Linda Haynes

  160. Hi Linda. We’re sorry SENSA didn’t work for you, however, this isn’t the proper channel in which to cancel. Please call customer service at 866-514-2554 M-F 6am-4pm, PST or go online to http://mysensa.com to access your account online.

  161. Hi there. i am waiting on my free trail and i cant wait, i want to loose 40 pounds so that i can look good for my wedding i really hope SENSA works for me cause i just had two kids and its been hard to loose the wight i am 180 and my goal is 140. i hope it come soon.

  162. I have had a complete hysterectomy and I just seem to keep gaining weight no mater what I do…will this help me…has anyone with a hysterectomy taken this before???


  164. I,m on blood pressure medication. What is your main ingredient? How will it interact with the medication. Are stimulants involved?

    Your product sounds good, but I need more information.

  165. i am gonna call somebody if you dont give my money back ,tried calling but no answer.i did not give you permision to take this out of my account.

  166. Hello. It sounds like you never cancelled the trial, so yes you did give us permission to charge you. You did go in and cancel the autoships on 9/9, but your trial was over on 9/2. We refunded half back to you.

  167. Hey Can Kids (12 +) Use This?

  168. can children use sensa?

  169. I’ve been on hold for 40 minutes trying to cancel my membership. No one picks up. How can I reach an actual person to complete this task?

  170. When/if you lose the weight you would like to lose, can u stop using the product without the weight coming back? or is this something u will have to take for a lifetime…Thank you in advance for your reponse.

  171. Hi Sy. You do not have to sprinkle for a lifetime. Once you stop overeating and start shrinking your stomach, you will notice that you naturally eat less without SENSA, however, if you revert back to the same habits that made you overweight in the first place, then the weight might come back. It really is contingent on how you chose to live your life.

  172. Hi Sally. We tried to look up your account, but could not find you in the system. You can also cancel at http://mysensa.com anytime or call 866-514-2554, M-F 6AM-4PM, PST.

  173. Hi Lydia. SENSA is recommended for adults 18+.

  174. Hi Joey. SENSA is recommended for adults 18+

  175. I have been using Sensa for 3 days now and I am not having any luck actually I am eating more and always hungry…I think I am sending this back for sure NOT a good product.

  176. Hi Steph. SENSA isn’t an overnight program. It does take a little time and some patience, but it’s worth it since you don’t have to deprive yourself and you can live your life without restriction. We hope you continue to sprinkle.

  177. How much? And how do I get it?

  178. How do I get Sensa/

  179. Jody Hellbusch Says:

    I can’t believe that some of you think you are going to tell a difference in 3 days. I have been on it for 1 month and lost 7#. I think the product is great and of course it is not going to work for everyone but don’t say the product sucks. You could be taking hope from someone else.

  180. I am waiting for my first order of Sensa. After I ordered it, I wondered if I am too old for this product. I am 72 years old. Been on every diet there is. Lost a lot of weight and then put it back on. I hope this can help me. I just want to know if it is okay for seniors.

    Thank you

  181. natalie heisey Says:

    i need to loose 30lbs and i am vary nerves to try this product i am scared of having any side effects i dont want it to harm me in anyway….i am 25 years old and i have be struggling with my weight since i was 10 years old….i just started to become a debitic last year and that scared me a little bit cuz i also have really high blood pressure….do u think sensa could effect me in any way?????

  182. Hello Natalie. I am Coach Miriam and I would like get to know you and help you if I may. I was reading your post and felt responding to you would be appropriate, so I hope you don’t mind my input. While the ingredients found in SENSA are safe, we recommend that you consult your physician before using SENSA or starting any weight-loss plan if you have any medical concerns whatsoever.

  183. Hello Barbara. I am Coach Miriam and am excited to hear you ordered SENSA. I am 65 years old and I have lost 45# in 6 months. So by all means you get your product and start sprinkling. This is an easy, safe and effective product to you. I wish you the best on your journey. Come and join us at the SENSA Community and get additional support.

  184. Hello Jody. Congratulations on your 7# loss! As the SENSA Coach I too read a lot of comments but it is ones like yours that keep the hope going for those that are looking for a weight-loss product like SENSA. In part you are right on your comments but unfortunately SENSA will not be effective if a person does not have a sense of taste or smell, and may be less effective for those with diminished sense of taste or smell. So thanks for your input.

  185. Carolyn Cohen Says:

    Am enjoying SENSA choc fudge chews. I am finding that many of the choc squares stick to the wrapper and I often lose most of it. A suggestion would be to use a better type of paper that doesn’t stick to the choc square.

    Carolyn Cohem

  186. i have started sensa for almost about 2 weeks and i have gained weight and not lost any pounds someone tell me the truth does it really work or not!!!!!!!

  187. Hello Lamiaa. Your post caught my attention. As the SENSA Coach, I have had a lot of experience with SENSA and would like to offer some advice if you don’t mind. When it comes to a new weight-loss product everyone is different and our body needs to make the proper adjustments to accommodate the product. Some people respond right away to the product and some have found that they get their best results within 60-90 days after starting the product. So keep sprinkling and stay focused on your success with SENSA.

  188. Im sure that sensa would work for people that have a slight weight problem but not for the truly addicted & overweight ones. Every one who is morbidly obese still eats whether they are full or not . Thats why this approach would never work for me. Besides,after the free trial it is too expensive. There might be a few of us that would lose a few pounds because buying sensa would take money out of our food budget.

  189. Beverly Straffin Says:

    Ever since I reached 50, weight wise, it went down hill.
    Went on WW – good program – lost 10lbs. But a BIG change in my life and put the 10 back on. Will sensa help?

  190. Hi i started using sensa for about 2 weeks & 2 days now i noticed i eat in smaller p ortions now when i make plate wit a small portion of food i can only eat half of it wow its amazing but it doesnt change the way i eat . i gave up all of my junk foods and i began to eat healthier now. Also i do a 10 minute excercise each day when using sensa. People want to know what i sprinkle on my food when i go out to eat. They think its salt and tell them its sensa that i use. But i noticed that my jeans are getting looser . I havent weighed my self yet its a suprise. Thanks for blessing me with sensa

  191. I got Sensa from a friend who didnt like it. This is my first day using it and it completely curbed my appetite. Wow! I am shocked cause Im always hungry. I didnt feel the need to eat. And when I did eat so that I can take a multivitamin I only ate about 1/4 of my plate. Thats impressive.

  192. Hi Tiffany. We’re happy you gave it a try even though your friend didn’t like it and are seeing results. Good job!

  193. Hello , I want to try sensa but do not want to try the free trial because if for whatever reason I do not want to continue with the product I do not want to be auto shipped and billed and honestly I am really bad at canceling memberships and returning products. I saw alot of people mention that it can be purchased at GNC…my question is if I am not satisfied w/ the product can I return it at gnc for a refund?

  194. Hi Cindy. Yes, GNC has a 30 day money back guarantee policy as well.

  195. Hi Cindy. Yes, GNC does have a 30 day money back guarantee on SENSA.

  196. Been on it for two days and have lost two pounds! I will sprinkle all holiday season. LOVE LOVE LOVE and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

  197. Hello Rene. Well with SENSA you will not have to do this alone. You will find that it curbs your appetite, diminishes your cravings and teaches you portion control. It sounds like you have some great disciplines down and now if you decide to incorporate SENSA the weight of carrying it alone will life from your shoulders.

  198. Hello, im deciding if I should try sensa. I want to know if there is any side effects? That’s the only thing im scared about. Also after my 60 days..do I call you guys to try another 60 days or do you automatically take it out of the bank?

  199. I too was inspired by patty stanger’s success. I’m going the gnc route to avoid auto ship. I need to lose 22 lbs, and I too have a problem with often feeling hungry and giving in with food. I will keep you posted after a couple months. One question: I wanna get pregnant soon, should I stay off before or during pregnancy given the ingredients are fda approved?

  200. Hi Katie. We would advise you to consult your physician as to whether you should continue to lose weight as you try to get pregnant….just to err on the side of caution.

  201. I will like to try sensa but I want to know if it has any side effect. I’m asking this because I have high blood presure and I get anxiety atact but I rely Need to loose weight since I had my third child.

  202. I recently saw your ad on the internet and I ordered the Sensa, then a couple of days ago, according to the E-Mail I received from you, you say I didn’t order anything, so you are offering Sensa to me for a $1.00 + change. I reordered again, and tonight I received another E-Mail from you and again you are offering me Sensa for $1.00+. I don’t understand why they think I haven’t ordered anything. If you would please E-Mail me @ vtownsend1@carolina.rr.com and let me know if you find my order, I would appreciate it. I only want one trial order. Thank you….Vicki Townsend

  203. jean sturgis Says:

    i have order sensa i am not satisfied please cancel my subscrition for $87. Thanks,but no thanks let me ,know that it was done,your product has been shipped back.

  204. Hi Vicki. Our system is saying that you are trying to place your order using a prepaid card. We do not accept prepaid cards for the trial. Please call back with a credit or debit card with a Visa/Mastercard logo.

  205. Hi!! My name is dorisha and i really want to try sensa but my mom thinks it doesn’t work she doesn’t trust it what should I do help me thank you

  206. I have been reading a lot about sensation weight lost but I am not sure if it realy works is there any way I can try for sample ?

  207. Hi Sellmey. We do offer a 30 day trial for SENSA, but you will be getting full sized products, not sample sizes, plus you will need to enter a credit card in order to complete your order. Here is the link: http://trysensa.com

  208. I really just wanted to know I am a African American girl so I am hippy I have curves what I want to know is will the product take all that away cause I really just wanna loss my stomach

  209. Denise Warren Says:

    How much does it cost?

  210. Hi Tasha. SENSA helps you resist the urge to overeat and snack throughout the day, so you lose weight by taking in less calories. Where you lose weight from we won’t be able to say. SENSA doesn’t target specific muscles or fat, it helps you lose weight overall.

  211. I just recieved my trial offer and want to know is this safe for Diabetics ? I see you ignored the question in a previous blog. Please answer this.

  212. Hi Francine. SENSA does not contain any sugar or ingredients that would raise your blood sugar, however, we advise you to please consult your physician before starting.

  213. do you put Sensa on yogurt?

  214. What is exactly is in sensa?

  215. I am a man and someone gave me two month supply of Sensa but it is for women….will I get results from it?

  216. For the girls that are not having the same success with Sensa as the rest of us are. I have found this to be the only product that works for me & so many other people I know. Please stay with it. You have probably just reached a short stand still with the weight loss, it will start moving again. You have to remember it only seems like magic, you still have to push the food away when you are no longer hungrey. Anyone can continue to eat after they are full & satisfied if they are unconsciously testing themselves or the product. Girls just hang in there!

  217. Well I’m interested in taking sensa see been doing my research I’m so scared that I will have side effects I’m 20 and i always struggled with weight. when I look in the mirror I hate what I keep trying to tell myself im happy but I’m not is. true cuz I want to lose weight

  218. We hope you give SENSA a try Ashley. All of the ingredients found in SENSA are on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list and can be found in foods you already consume on a daily basis. If you have food sensitivities or allergies, specifically to soy or milk, you may want to consult with your physician prior to using.

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