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Sensa Community Forums

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to announce that membership to the Sensa Community now gives you insider access to a set of really amazing new tools to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Just log in to the Sensa Community using your user name and password (you can request an email if you forget what it is) and you will have access to cutting edge tools, calculators, journals, articles, recipes and even logs where you can chart your workouts and food selections. Basically everything and anything you ever wished for!

Be sure to let me know what you think!

Miss T

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34 Responses to “Sensa Community Forums”

  1. please let me know how much I am to sprinkle on my food. I have been using but not losing. I need help here.

  2. please let me know how much i need to put on my food. I have been using but not losing. So I need to know what I am doing wrong.

  3. patrina rivers Says:

    trying sensa for the first time excited really want to lose weight it will change my life i pray about it now even extra

  4. So far so good with the sensa program

  5. Just starting. Any tips???

  6. Just starting!!!

  7. i woke up this morning after getting the package in the mail the day before… i just started this morning with breakfast . wish me luck

  8. Just getting started and was wondering if when I sprinkle Sensa on a sandwhich to I sprinkle inside or on top? And also how do I sprinkle M&Ms?

  9. Sorry one more question can i sprinkle sensa in a smoothie shake?

  10. Hi there,

    You can’t sprinkle in a smoothie. Only on solid and semi-solid food like yogurt and ice cream. Otherwise the sprinkles dissolve and become ineffective.

  11. Hi Danica. You want to sprinkle the outside of the sandwich so the sprinkles hit your smell receptors and help you feel fuller faster. Just flick the sandwich with water to help it stick. For candies, again, just flick it with water and sprinkle it right in the bag.

  12. I have been doing Sensa since February of this year and have gained 8 more pounds. I have been sprinkling on everything. It is now the end of April. What am I doing wrong?

  13. trying sensa for past weeks, i gain more weight, what can i do?

  14. Mutiat thank you for writing to me and reaching out for help. Mutial, everyone is different when it comes to adapting to a new weigh-loss product. Your body needs the time to change and respond to the product. Some lose weight shortly after starting and others may not see a change for 4 months. Measure yourself as inches may come off before the pounds. Make sure to keep sprinkling consistently on everything you eat except liquids. Keep in touch!

  15. edward jim Says:

    You have my 30 day trial ending on 6/2/2011. I picked up Sensa from post office on Monday 16th. Can we adjust 30 day trial time?

  16. Yes you can Edward. Just call customer service at 866-514-2554 and they can adjust your trial for you.

  17. Hello! Started Sensa today. I had only 2 eggs and a bagel this morning and my stomach feels strange (not really a full sensation). However, I don’t really want to eat anything due to the strange feeling. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, I saw some of the questions above about how much to sprinkle and where to sprinkle on a sandwich and the dvd I got was very helpful answering such questions. If you didn’t get a dvd maybe you can ask customer service for one? Also, some people said they are gaining weight. I wonder if they are being conscious of the feeling of fullness and stop eating at that time? And if they are exercising they may initially put on some muscle weight. I think too it is still important to try to eat healthy foods for optimum weight loss. I know it says you just eat as you always have, but it does say exercise and healthy foods will help.

  18. I have been on Sensa for nearly 2 weeks and have lost nearly 8 pounds. I am a sweetaholic and I have not craved sweets since I started Sensa. I have been having trouble going to sleep the past few nights; does this have anything to do with Sensa? Thanks.

  19. Martha..I started using sensa this past Friday, and I’m also having trouble sleeping however I’ve lost 2 pounds since Friday.

  20. I ordered Sensa @ the price of $199.00, the lady on the phone continued to try & sell more programs to me for @ least 45 min., I finally told her,to forget the order and cancel the order. Here comes the Sensa products,after my telling her to cancel…@ the time of arrival,I had a leg broken in two places and torn tendons,etc., I didn’t feel like returning the order,so I kept it….now I can’t reach you by phone and there isn’t any place to cancel my membership. I want you to cancel me membership,I do not want anymore Sensa shipped to me! Thank you .

  21. Hi Yvonne. Looking at your account, it is indeed cancelled. You won’t be shipped anymore product at all. I hope you feel better.

  22. i starting tomarro sounds like alot of sucess stories hope im another sucess story to

  23. I will start sensa tommorrow feb 1, 2012 I am so excited.

  24. love sensa

    question: I am not a sweets person Have run out of salty 1/2′s of both containers

    Can I use the sweet side of sensa on the salt foods??

  25. Hi Joan. Yes, if you run out of one side of the shaker, use the other side until the next month is delivered.

  26. Hi, I am starting today.

    Are the side effect horror stories true? I am scared.

  27. Linda Wilson Says:

    Today was my 3rd day and I haven’t lost weight nor do I feel any different. When are you supposed to feel full faster?

  28. Princess Charming Says:

    I started Sensa last month. I also got my daughter (in her mid 20′s) Sensa as well. She is only slightly over weight and has lost 10 pounds (and it shows!). We are very happy with her results. I on the other hand, over fifty years old and having a slower results. I have noted that I am less hungry throughout the day and eat less at meal time. (I fail to sprinkle on everything). I used to always feel hungry and now I feel like I get more things done in my day because I am not hungry all the time and feeling famished. It is a habit to grab the shaker that needs to be established for sure. Often I only eat half the food I order in a restaurant and have the already sensa treated leftovers put in a box. Do the left overs need to be re-treated before eating at a later time?

  29. I recieved my package yesterday started last night and this morning. I am not eating everything in sight seems to be working already. This is great if it keeps going this way. I need to lose at least 20 to 30 lbs. im excited and want to wish everyone the best with this program

  30. Have lost 7 pounds in first week eating anything I want. Just get satisfied quickly and stop eating quickly. Amazing

  31. Hello,,I bought the six month program and i have been sprinkling it on everything except liquids. I’m halfway thru month #2 and I’ve gained 13 lbs! I never go beyond 275 no matter what i eat, but now I’m at 288. I do some walking on a treadmill and I’m constantly on my feet at work for 10-12 hrs a day. I get in about 8000 steps at work alone. When is this going to start working? I can’t afford to gain anymore weight!

  32. this is my first time trying sensa can’t wait to see what the results are.

  33. I am starting Sensa on Monday February 18 2013. I wanted to know if I am able to use it in my fruit cups, yogurts, and frozen yogurt?

  34. Hello Tricia. Yes, sprinkle right on top of your yogurt, fruit cups, and froyo, however, try not to mix it up. You want SENSA to be right on top. Resprinkle if you feel it needs it.

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