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SENSA is Isabella’s Dream Come True!

Hey Everyone!

The beginning of my story actually starts over two years ago.  I injured myself while exercising and I had to have major hip surgery. Months after my surgery, I had some serious complications and my mobility became extremely limited. I was not able to do regular exercise and even needed a walker to get around daily.  Because I was so restricted, I gained over 40lbs.  I was 5’4”, 180lbs and wearing a size 16.  Because of my physical limitations, I was feeling pretty helpless about losing weight. Then I found SENSA and my life dramatically changed.

I had tried various weight loss products in the past, but SENSA sounded different, like a ‘new concept. I was very excited about it working for me, like it had for the many women and men I’d seen in the infomercial.  SENSA didn’t require exercise, which for me, was essential, given my limitations.  Plus, it sounded really easy…I could just sprinkle it on my food and lose weight?  I knew I could do that!  I also loved that I could continue to eat some of the food I love.  I don’t like to be restricted or deprived of the foods I like to eat.

With SENSA, I started “sensing”’ how it worked immediately. The first evening, I ate less than half of what I normally would eat.  It was like there was a little voice saying, “Hey, you’re almost full, you should stop eating now”, so I did.  I’d never done that before!  I began listening to my body and with every meal I would become more satisfied while eating less. I also started losing weight; it was really working!  Within the first few days, I joined the online SENSA Community because I wanted to learn everything I could to increase my weight loss.  I got some great tips, such as drinking at least 64oz+ water daily, using a smaller plate to eat and making sure I ate at least 1200+ calories a day so my body didn’t go into “starvation mode”.  I also met some helpful and supportive people who began encouraging me throughout my SENSA journey.

Within the first few weeks, using SENSA had taught me portion control and it changed other bad eating habits of mine. I stopped cravings sweets and comfort food on a daily basis.  I also used to eat when I was watching TV or bored; I didn’t do that anymore. Those cravings and urges just seemed to disappear.  I still ate some of the foods I liked such as lasagna, pizza, pasta and chicken; I just didn’t eat as much of them.  I also still ate chocolate, cake and other sweets, but again, it was a treat a few times a week, not daily.  I kept losing weight and by the end of my first month, I lost over 13lbs!  By the end of my first six month system, I lost over 35lbs!  Normally, this is where I should say it was hard work, but it wasn’t…this is the easiest weight loss product/system I have ever tried!

SENSA is SO easy to use!  Honestly, anyone can use it -anytime / anywhere! You just have to get in the habit of using it every day, every time you eat, consistently sprinkling it on all of your food. Then when your body tells you it is satisfied, you just stop eating.  It’s really that easy!  Then your brain and your body do the rest. Of course, everyone’s bodies are different and SENSA is a 6-month system, but if you truly commit to it, SENSA will work for you too!  It can and will change your life, just like it has mine and so many others!

SENSA has changed… no, it has TRANSFORMED my Life!  I have been using SENSA for a little over a year and I am ecstatic to say that I now 130.6lbs and I am a size 4.  I have lost over 49lbs, so far! SENSA has transformed my overweight body into a beautiful and curvy shape. In addition, to the changes in my appearance, SENSA has helped me see myself in a whole new light.  I am no longer ashamed, embarrassed or isolated from the world.  I am now a more social, confident, and happy person.  This truly is the healthiest and happiest I have been in my life!  SENSA gave me a fresh start, by taking control of my eating habits and not requiring typical, regular exercise. This allowed me to take the steps necessary to make major progress with my medical situation.  After losing the first 35lbs, I started extensive physical therapy.  Due to that, I’m able to be more mobile and I’ve even started to walk with a cane sometimes. I do not know of any other weight loss product that could have helped me this much. I could not have done this without SENSA!

I LOVE SENSA and everything it has done (and continues to do) for me and for so many others!  Thank you SENSA and to everyone who continues to support me throughout my SENSA journey!

~Isabella Landroche

bellasdream on mysensa.com


*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exerciseWeight lost with SENSA®. Compensated for excellent results.

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One Response to “SENSA is Isabella’s Dream Come True!”

  1. Bella, I am so proud of you! You rock!

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