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Kelly-Lynn’s SENSAtional Weight Loss

Before SensaLike most everyone I started my SENSA journey as a skeptic. I was probably the most skeptical of all who have ever tried this product. You see, I was a self-proclaimed “professional” dieter. Any diet plan, product or fad that was out there I had tried it. High carb, low carb, low fat, food restrictive, medically supervised diets, diet pills…both prescription and over the counter…just to name a few. I could tell you the fat, carb and calorie content of most any food just as easily as I could tell you my name.
You would think one with all that information would not have a problem losing weight, huh? You are right. I didn’t always have trouble losing. My problem was maintaining that loss. So what was I doing wrong? I didn’t learn the answer to this question until I found SENSA. It was simple. SENSA allowed me to eat some of the foods I enjoyed. On food restrictive diets the foods I was deprived of became the foods I craved many times to the point of obsession. No one enjoys being told they can’t have something they enjoy. This only made me want them more. While using SENSA if I craved a particular food surprisingly I could have it. What kind of diet is that? I discovered what I had been looking for all along. SENSA was not a diet! It was an opportunity for a much welcomed and needed lifestyle change. What I quickly discovered, while sprinkling SENSA consistently on all my food, my appetite was steadily diminishing while my cravings for sweet and salty snacks had disappeared. With these cravings gone and my food portions shrinking I found myself shrinking too.

As I mentioned earlier my skepticism when beginning SENSA had me with little to no expectation of losing weight. I started SENSA at 149 pounds with a half-hearted goal of just maybe losing 14 pounds. All my adult life my weight had fluctuated between 135 and 150. So, my thoughts were if it worked and I lost the 14 pounds I would once again be happy at 135 pounds. If it didn’t work I wouldn’t be too disappointed. Hard to be disappointed with such low expectations anyway, huh? Well….with SENSA I lost those 14 pounds in just over two months! Additionally, I was feeling better and my energy level was through the roof. Needless to say this got my attention. I thought if I can do this without dieting what would my results be if I started eating healthier and began setting mini goals for myself? The eating healthier part was easy because once my cravings for sweets and salty snacks diminished, I was already replacing those foods with healthier alternatives and was satisfied with smaller portions. This is when I realized that SENSA was not only helping me lose weight but teaching me how to eat and live a sustainable lifestyle along the way. This was a lesson I never learned during all my years of “professional” dieting. With this knowledge I was no longer a skeptic. SENSA had my full attention. I began setting mini goals, adding even more healthy foods to my diet, drinking water…. and lots of it! I have always been fairly active so I didn’t change my exercise routine. My mini goals were five pounds at a time. Each five pounds became a celebration. Not with food but with a new smaller sized piece of clothing added to my wardrobe! My big goal was to lose 30 pounds by December 25. That would be exactly six months from when I began my SENSA journey. Thirty pounds would put me at 119 pounds, my lowest ever adult weight. What an awesome Christmas present that would be! Happily on Christmas day I had reached that goal. Not only had I now lost 30 ugly pounds, I had lost weight during summer vacations, birthday parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas while, with the help of SENSA, still enjoying My New SENSA Body!yummy foods with my friends and family.

After Christmas come New Year resolutions. Everyone makes them and they are usually to lose weight. So, I made one…..yes, and it was to lose weight. My resolution was to reach the weight that had been on my driver’s license since I was sixteen years old. I was only four pounds away. I had never made a New Year’s resolution to lose only a few pounds. What I thought would be the final goal of my SENSA weight loss journey was gone by Valentine’s Day. At age 52 I found myself looking down at the bath scale and seeing the weight I gave the DMV when I got my first driver’s license at 16 years old…I weighed 115’s!!! In seven months, while consistently using SENSA, making healthy food and lifestyle choices, I had lost 34’#’s, I was down from 149 to 115, size 12 to size 4. I had not only reached but exceeded what had previously been unobtainable with previous attempts at weight loss. Now I had to make a decision. Would I maintain my new weight with the healthy lifestyle SENSA had taught me on this journey? Or would I continue using SENSA? I chose both! To my surprise over the next few months I even lost an additional 10 pounds bringing my final weight loss to an unbelievable 44 lbs., weight of 105 and dress size to 0/2!!! Looking back do I have any regrets? Yes. I wish I had pushed my skepticism aside and tried SENSA sooner. So, does SENSA work? I would definitely say YES! I am now living life to its fullest. I retired my former career as a “professional dieter.” My focus is no longer on my weight, dress size or what I eat. I continue to enjoy the food I love and live my healthier, happier SENSA lifestyle.

*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Weight lost with SENSA®, continuing with SENSA® Advanced. Compensated for excellent results.


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