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SENSA for Men-Michael’s Story

Hi fellow SENSA users,

My name is Michael and I’ve lost 58 lbs with SENSA in 6 months!  I wanted to share my story because I know a lot of you can relate to my struggle to lose weight and keep it off.  SENSA was the ONLY thing that’s worked for me, and I know it can work for you.  Here’s my story….

I was about 10 years old before I knew I was “fat”…it  was the first time kids in school told me.   Before that, my doctors told me that I was just “young”, it was baby fat, and as I hit the teen years, I would slim down and look more like my brother as far as my weight.  My brother to this day wears the same size pants he always wore for as long as I can remember.   He has a 28 in waist, and eats three times more than I do, and he drinks beer as if it was going out of style.   He thinks he is “skinny” and actually tries  to put on weight, when I’ve always tried to get rid of it.

My parents were “corn-fed” farm folk, which meant 3 large meals a day, starting with a large breakfast of sausage, eggs, cornbread and milk gravy.  Then onto lunch, which was always meat and potatoes with plenty of bread, biscuits or corn bread.  And last but not least, dinner, which pretty much mimicked lunch but larger and with more meat, and with the meat, there was always gravy.  And let’s not forget the snacks, which I always managed to be first in line for.   Since everyone ate just like I did, it never dawned on me that I was getting fat.   I always pictured myself looking like my skinny brother.  Until, the day came when the cruel kids made fun of me, calling me all the names, followed by humiliating trips to the chubby boys department for clothes.  Of course, there was always an identifying mark on the clothes so everyone knew for sure, they were chubby and I was “fat”.  Dating never came about for me in my teen years.   What girl would want a guy looking like me? And as the years wore on, I gained more and more weight and became bigger and bigger.  Then in college, I met the girl who looked beyond my chubby exterior and accepted my proposal to spend her life with me.

Determined to lose weight for my wedding, I went to the doctor,who prescribed me pills and put me on a diet.  I took the pills, then proceed  to lay in bed all night and starring at the ceiling, since I could not sleep!   Despite the sleepless nights, the weight came off.  So after the wedding, I stopped taking the pills, and the weight came back on and brought some friends along.   Honestly though, at that point I didn’t care. I was married and no longer needed to “look good” for anyone, not even me.   I ate, and ate, and ate.  Even though the doctors told me my life was at risk with being so heavy, I still continued to eat and gain, thinking, tomorrow I would start or maybe the day after tomorrow, or maybe next week….

The point came when I knew I HAD to do something.   I said to myself, “okay, tomorrow I’m going to a weight loss meeting, so today, I’m going to eat and eat and eat.  After all, I can’t have any of this beginning tomorrow. I’d better get eat it while I can.”   We’ve all been there…that last cookie, piece of cake, ice cream, pie, stuffing, potato chips, etc.   Who do you know that binged on spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, or green beans?  Talk about embarrassment!  Getting on that scale weekly and having my weight announced was beyond embarrassing.  Add the restrictive diet, and feeling of deprivation and it was a recipe for disaster.  I was beginning to wonder if losing weight was a hopeless battle, until I found SENSA!  Now, for the first time, I have control over my appetite and don’t ever have to deprive myself.  I’m down 58 lbs since I started sprinkling, but not before trying/failing more diets…

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Michael’s amazing transformation!


*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Weight lost with SENSA®. Compensated for excellent results.

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8 Responses to “SENSA for Men-Michael’s Story”

  1. What is the difference between Sensa and Sensa for men? Michael, you look amazing!

  2. congrats!!! id like to know more about the product…

  3. Right now, the only thing that is different is the packaging and that’s for marketing purposes, however in the near future, we will be coming out with a different formula that specific to the needs of men. Same ingredients, just a different balance.

  4. The best thing about sensa is you can get a free 2 month trial

  5. I have to disagree when you say there is a “free” trial.
    Anything that bills me $89.00 after 30 days is not free,
    and the same with auto-ship. If you come up with a way to
    sell Sensa without charging so much, I would like to know
    about it. I would want to be able to buy a 30-day supply
    and re-order again when it is almost gone. I decided not
    to sign up at this time, but I’m sure somebody I know will
    start using it.


  6. Hi Rebecca. SENSA is free to try for 30 days and if you cancel and don’t move on to month 2, then you used 30 days of our product for free. If you would rather not go that route we are available in GNC stores nationwide.

  7. Penny Lansing-Kilisli Says:

    I tried this product be didny’ like it. SOORRY. Please don’t changed me anything. Thank YouI did my trail but it wasn’t for me.

  8. I just bought sensa from rite aid pharmacy, but it wasn’t gender specific,does this mean that it won’t work the same as if I bought sensa for men?

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