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Tips for Success with SENSA

Dear SENSA users and those that are considering this wonderful product as a tool for your weight-loss challenge; don’t wait any longer while struggling with trying to figure out what to do and how to use it. I have done all of these things by determining in my mind I was going to be successful and it paid off. Now I want to help you have the same success.  

Here are my tips for successful weight loss with SENSA:

  1. Get as much support, encouragement and help as you can. Some people have great support in their home with family members cheering them on but others have no one to give them the moral support they need.  Understanding this concept, SENSA created a mySENSA.com, a free online community forum where SENSA users gather together to share their struggles and encourage those with common interests and challenges.
  2. Be willing to learn and challenge yourself to move outside of your comfort zone. There are those that have gone before you and have become successful.  What did they do that worked? What changes do you need to be successful?  How much time do you need to give yourself to accommodate a new weight-loss product?
  3. Apply the principles that have proven to work for others. Simple tasks like, sprinkle everything you eat, listening to your body when it STARTS to feel full then STOP eating, and drinking plenty of water to wash out the toxins and impurities are the keys to success on SENSA. Sprinkle on top of your food so that your receptors in your nose pick up the smell of the tastants.
  4. Remember, everyone is different. Some lose weight before they lose inches and some lose inches before they lose weight. Your body will work at its own pace and cannot be put on a time table. You did not gain your weight over night and will not take it off over night. The health experts say that losing one to two pounds per week is healthy weight-loss.  Make sure you take your measurements too!
  5. Sprinkling the tastants consistently brings a good return. Starting new habits can both be time consuming and frustrating.  Get creative and put some sticky notes on the fridge and the plate and silverware you will be using at your next meal. Put a shaker on your table or next to your work area. Put one shaker in your purse or pocket for when you eat out. If you have an alarm on your cell phone set it for when you are out to go off as a reminder to sprinkle your food. Set the timer in your home at the time you will eat so you remember to sprinkle.
  6. Sprinkling methods for success. Sprinkle your solid-food on top. If you find your tastants to do not stick, sprinkle a little water on top of your bread and spread it around and sprinkle or turn the sandwich on its side and sprinkle. For some fruit you can dampen your plate and roll your fruit and then sprinkle. For semi-solid food like yogurt, ice cream, pudding and things like this, sprinkle layer by layer. Always sprinkle evenly across the top of your. Change your tastants at the end of each month and mark the top of your container with the date at the beginning of the month.
  7. Things NOT to do with your tastants. Never mix the tastants into your food. Never sprinkle and eat later but always sprinkle and eat immediately. Never sprinkle your food with the tastants and put it into the oven or microwave. Never sprinkle on liquids or your tastants will fall to the bottom and become ineffective.

I hope my tips have helped you see how simple this really is. Listen, learn, apply and get involved. You have the product, a SENSA Coach, and a free online Community….everything you need to be successful.  Keep sprinkling and stay focused as the best is yet to come!


*Sensa works for 60% of users. The average weight loss of those users is about 9 lbs over 6 months without instructions to diet or exercise. Weight lost with SENSA®. Compensated for excellent results. SENSA® Coach.


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31 Responses to “Tips for Success with SENSA”

  1. Judy Whelchel Says:

    I’m having such a hard time remembering to have the sensa with me and this is so frustrating. I don’t have a
    regular everyday schedule. I never eat at the same time
    everyday because of my job. I try to keep the to go packets with me but still I forget. Help!

  2. Hello Judy. Starting new habits can be frustrating but in time you will remember. Here are some tips to help you. Put a sticky note on your purse and even your car keys to get your packet out as you head into the restaurant or where you are eating. Set the alarm on your cell phone if you have one to go off when you know you are heading out to eat. Also put a sticky note on the steering wheel of your car to remind you one more time. Take a picture of the dress or outfit you hope to where one day and keep it in several places to remind why you started this journey. Keep Sprinkling!

  3. I’ve been successful in remembering to use SENSA by placing just above my dinner plate on the table. I can’t forget to use it, as I was able to do when placing the package anywhere else in relation to my plate. Also, Coach Miriam’s suggestion to put sticky notes all over to remind myself to use SENSA worked so well that I no longer have to do it! Also, when I choose to eat a few pieces of candy I unwrap the candies, place into a snack size zip bag, and sprinkle–I find that I can reuse that bag over and over, and only need to add to the tastants once in awhile.

  4. Hello Susan. I love the way you have moved into your partnership with SENSA®. Placing sticky notes all over until you grasped what your simple part of this program is, “Sprinkle everything you eat except liquids!” I am so proud of the determination you had of making this a workable and successful program. One suggestion; in order to keep your tastants to maintain their quality, instead of a plastic bag, use an opaque container that is airtight. Keep Sprinkling.

  5. My husband & I have just started using Sensa for 4 days now and we both have the runs since we started. I didn’t realize this would be a side affect. How long will this last? I’m willing to give it more time but not if this will continue.

  6. Hello Jeanette. Thank you for sharing what is going on. All of the ingredients found in SENSA are on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list and can be found in foods you already consume on a daily basis. If you have food sensitivities or allergies, specifically to soy or milk, you may want to consult with your physician prior to using. Some users embrace new healthy lifestyle changes when they start SENSA that can result in temporary side effects. Also as SENSA is designed to allow you to feel full on less food, you may notice some stomach discomfort if you continue to eat larger portions. To combat this effect, try to eat slowly and stop eating as soon as you start to get full.

  7. Hello Issac. I understand how having a family is so hard with staying on track with your weight-loss. I am rearing 3 grandchildren and have to make sure I am focusing on my journey with SENSA. You can do it too. You are important enough to do this for YOU!

  8. Miriam,

    I have a few quetions for you about a few things you mentioned above. First off, you said never microwave your food after sprinkling Sensa. What if you sprinkled your whole meal at a restaurant and have leftovers Is it harmful to reheat and then resprinkle? Or are they just not effective once heated. Also, thank you for the hint about not mixing Sensa in, I have been doing that and wondering why I wasn’t losing weight.



  9. Hello Jill. It is very nice to meet you. I am glad my tips are helping you. Having success on SENSA is also my goal for you. I would suggest when eating in a restaurant, you sprinkle just a portion of your dinner. That way you will not waist your Tastants. Even if you have sprinkled SENSA on another portion of your food it will not ruin the food when you eat it later but you must sprinkle each time you eat.

  10. Hey I have had sensa almost a month now haven’t really seen any outcome yet feeling kinda discourage bout it dont know what to

  11. Happy Holiday Latoya. Please do not get so discouraged at this time in your journey with SENSA. When it comes to a new weight-loss product everyone is different. Our body needs to make the proper adjustments to accommodate the product. Some people respond right away to the product and some have found that they get their best results within 60-90 days after starting the product. So hang in there. Get plugged into the SENSA Community and find support and encouragement on a daily basis to help you on your SENSA journey.

  12. Miriam,
    I am starting my third month with SENSA and am losing, but still only 1/2 pound a week. Can I expect to lose any faster? I am nearly 79, so might not be as active as some others. I have two sets of exercises I do to realign my spine and I do 30 minutes of Wii Fit nearly every day. That is about all I can manage and still do my housework.

  13. Happy New Year Belva. I am pleased to hear you are losing 1/2 pound per week. Since SENSA was designed to work with your sense of smell and the food you eat to help trigger Sensory Specific Satiety, your body is responding naturally at a pace it is willing to let go of the weight. You expressed you are doing exercise routines to help you in this process. I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing and as your body continues to make the necessary adjustments your amount of weight-loss may increase per week. Best on your journey with SENSA Belva.

  14. Hi. Is it ok to pack sensa with my lunch in the fridge? If I can keep it in my lunch bag , it’s easier to remember to use it. Thanks!

  15. Hello Shannon. You question is very important. Your container of SENSA should be stored in a cool, dry place. I love your focus and determination to not forget to use SENSA on everything you eat except liquids. I look forward to your success on SENSA.

  16. Hi. I have been using Sensa for one week and my salty sprinkles are already gone. Am I using too much? Also, once my month 1 sprinkles are all gone, do I simply start using my Month 2 supply or do I need to purchase more Month 1 sprinkles?

  17. Hello Dani. Your Tastants should last you for 30 days each month. It is apparent you are using yours too fast but since you have, I would suggest you move onto month 2 when you are done with month 1. Here is a great way to keep track. Take your container to a dark room and hold a flashlight up behind it. Mark the top of the tastants and again half way down. That will mark your two weeks’ worth in each container. Write on the top when you start your container. I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing about your success.

  18. I have been using Sensa now for a month and have only lost 3 lbs. Very upsetting! I walk half a mile at lunch, five days each week at work with a friend. I drink at least 2 large(20 oz.) cups of water plus 2 cups(12oz) of coffee at work then whatever I drink after I get home. I believe I am consuming enough liquid and am getting the extra exercise required, but I am not seeing the results I had hoped for. I was using too much Sensa the first month and had to start on the second month earily. HELP!!! Hope I lose more this month or I just might not buy the next kit. HELP!!!!

  19. Hello drlan. Congratulations on your 3# loss in your first month. The health experts say that losing 1-2#s per week is healthy weight-loss. You said your food intake has been cut in half and that is why you see your weight coming off. I too experienced this great phenomenon brought about by SENSA. So stay focused and keep drinking and sprinkling. Be patient and you will be delighted with the end results.

  20. How does one use Sensa with cereal. I eat cereal with milk and wonder what you suggest.

  21. Hello Bedstemor. When using SENSA with cereal and milk, put a “small” amount of milk in the bottom of your bowl and roll your cereal around in the milk. Then sprinkle your Tastants on the top of the cereal and enjoy. Remember SENSA is not effective in liquids. So you might consider drinking the rest of the milk you would have put in your cereal in a cup and drinking it by itself. I hope this helps.

  22. Just make your SENSA as you normally would just with less milk, then mix it up, then sprinkle right on top.

  23. Hello Zina. Don’t quit or throw in the towel. You are worth hanging on to this awesome SENSA journey and getting good results. When it comes to a new weight-loss product everyone is different. Our body needs to make the proper adjustments to accommodate the product. Some people respond right away to the product and some have found that they get their best results within 60-90 days after starting the product. The health experts say that losing 1-2#s per week is healthy weight loss. So just take one day at a time and you will reap the benefits!

  24. I have been dieting for about 3 months now and I’ve only lost about 10 lbs during that entire time.. but the main problem is that I haven’t lost a pound in almost 5 weeks..so I started SENSA.. two and a half weeks into SENSA no change at all.. not in my weight or in my appetite.. I have altered my calorie intake greatly and still no results… HELP!

  25. I am good about using the sprinkles with regular meals, but as a diabetic I sometimes have a liquid lunch of glycerine or other blood sugar maintenance shake. Do you think it will slow or sabatoge my weight loss since I can’t use the sprinkles for that one meal a day?

  26. Hello Carrie. Thank you for writing to me and sharing some concerns you have. It is true you can sprinkle you shake but what you could do, if you have snacks or a snack somewhere between meals you could sprinkle then. It sounds you like you are doing great and I don’t believe you need to worry. But again if you have an opportunity to have a snack, sprinkle it. Have a great journey with SENSA!

  27. Hello Sylvia. Congratulations on your 8# loss with SENSA! Each month is different but not stronger than the next. Dr. Hirsch has specifically developed new and different Tastants for each month to ensure that you continue losing weight. The health experts say that losing 1-2#s per week is healthy weight-loss. You indeed are doing just that, so keep up the good work and look forward to reaching your goal.

  28. Hello Marlena. Yes if you chew gum all the time I would shake SENSA® on it every time you put in a new piece. SENSA® was designed to work with your sense of smell and the food you eat to help trigger Sensory Specific Satiety. The scientific principle behind SENSA® is remarkably simple. As you eat, smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which release hormones that tell your body it’s time to stop eating. This is a phenomenon we call Sensory Specific Satiety. So with that much gum chewing and shain’ SENSA® on each piece I expect you will do well.

  29. Hello Daryl. Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, SENSA® will not be effective if you have no sense of taste or smell, and may be less effective for those with diminished sense of taste or smell. So you might give it a try and see even with your poor sense of smell it you have success. I wish you the best.

  30. Good morning….I just had a question about the Sensa drink quencher. Does it matter when you drink them or how much in one day you have them? I try to drink alot of water a day so mixing it with the quencher is really good and gives it flavor. I also eat almonds everyday when I am working out at Curves for Women. I don’t sprinkle on them cause they are in my pocket and I eat as I work the circuit. Hope this won’t slow me down. I love using the Sensa because it helps me not to snack as much. I have been drinking coffe about every other day or so too.

  31. Hi Vicki. You shouldn’t drink more than 2 per day and should also try not the drink them too late since they contain about 2 cups of coffee per packet.

  32. Incredibhle points. Sound arguments. Keep up the amazing work.

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